Woman stuck in Bangalore traffic peels vegetables in car: Picture goes viral

Traffic jams are one of the biggest issues in a city, be it in any part of the country. It has especially become an even bigger issue in the city of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Every passing day, tons of pictures from the traffic jams of this city are shared on the internet, each showcasing something unique. Most recently, another epic picture from a car stuck in Bangalore traffic became viral online. The picture showed a woman peeling vegetables in her car during a traffic jam.

The picture of her peeling vegetables while sitting inside a car in Bangalore traffic has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Priya on her page. In the picture shared with the caption, “Being productive during peak traffic hours,” it can be seen that the woman is peeling peas in her car, most likely a Maruti Suzuki Brezza. The woman in the picture is sitting on the passenger side with three polythene bags to segregate the plucked-out peas and the garbage.

A number of netizens on X (formerly Twitter) commented under the original viral post. Many of them laughed at this epic post, but many of them were also concerned about the condition of the city. A number of people complained that Bangalore has become a mess because of these frequent and long traffic jams. They stated that the roads have become extremely crowded, and going from anywhere to anyplace has become a tedious task because of all the traffic.

People of Bangalore want to switch to metro

In other news regarding Bangalore traffic and people’s reaction to it, a recent survey done by Bangalore NGOs BPAC and WRI India as part of the Personal2Public campaign revealed a shocking fact. It was reported that a majority of people in Bangalore wish to switch to the metro for their transportation needs as the city’s traffic becomes unbearable. It was stated that 95 percent of survey takers using private vehicles expressed a strong willingness to shift to the metro.

The reports from the survey also revealed that the average trip length of all modes of transportation in the city is around 10 km. It was also reported that personal car users, despite the same trip length, spend more than 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, an average trip length of 13 km on the metro offers a more time-efficient option.

The same survey also highlighted the fact that there is an urgent and massive need to improve the efficiency and accessibility of public transportation in the city. It added that there are challenges, including feeder services, connectivity options, and public encouragement to use these community transport services.

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