White House Absurdly Claims Biden Won't Let GOP 'Defund the Police,' Other Preposterous Nonsense

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Buck-passing, which embattled Joe Biden has honed to a tee throughout his miserably failed presidency, is one thing; flipping the script on the “Defund the Police” movement and now trying to blame it on the Republicans — and vowing to stop the GOP from doing so — is off-the-charts Looney Tunes. 

Then again, Joe Biden.

As exclusively reported by Fox News, the opening sentence reads like satire:

The White House is blasting House Republicans and accusing them of taking steps to defund the police while claiming President Biden will protect law enforcement and support crime-reducing programs. 

Farcical — on several fronts.

First, of course, it was Democrat city officials across America who ushered in the insanity of the Defund movement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and subsequent left-wing riots.

Second, to suggest that the Republican Party owns record violent crime rates in this country — which run rampant in Democrat-run cities —is preposterous. 

Then again, Joe Biden.

According to Fox, the White House comments came after the House Republican Study Committee released its Fiscal Year 2025 budget proposal, “Fiscal Sanity to Save America.”

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital:

Violent crime surged under President Biden’s predecessor, but this president immediately fought back and has now reversed that trend with a historic reduction in crime.

[Biden took] unprecedented action to hire waves of police officers, [and] invest in crime effective crime reduction strategies and mental health services.

Bates then went full-metal stand-up comedian:

Joe Biden won’t let Congressional Republicans defund the police, abolish law enforcement agencies like the FBI, gut crime prevention, or roll back landmark legislation critical to the fight against gun crime.

Memo to the White House: The GOP has zero intention of “defunding the police” — and you know it.

Next up, Bates trotted out one of the Democrat’s favorite misnomers — made “popular” by Barack Obama, ad nauseam — “investments.” (Translation: Spending taxpayer money, deficit-spending, increases the national debt.

The deputy press secretary ludicrously referred to Biden’s failed America Rescue Plan, which he claimed has “invested” more than $15 billion “to keep their communities safe and prevent crime.” 

These include investments to avoid cuts to police budgets, hire more police officers for safe, effective, and accountable community policing, ensure first responders have the equipment they need to do their jobs, and expand community violence intervention and prevention programs.

The President’s budget also funds his Safer American Plan, including providing for hiring 100,000 additional police officers for effective, accountable community policing. [Biden] wants to deploy $17.7 billion for DOJ law enforcement, including $2.0 billion, an increase of over 30 percent since 2021, for the ATF.

Where does one — a rational one — begin? 

While Democrats tout spending increases, they ignore the dramatic rise in crime across America. Moreover, while they disingenuously boast about so-called crime reduction during Biden’s presidency, they fail to mention Democrats’ “soft on crime” initiatives in major cities — and decriminalization of some crimes, which impact overall crime rate statistics. 

The Republican Study Committee isn’t having it. RSC Director Joe Bery told Fox:

Conservatives versus Biden on crime — the record couldn’t be more different. RSC’s budget doesn’t subsidize sanctuary cities or local entities who [that] have embraced the defund the police movement. We are committed to upholding the rule of law.

A spokesman for House Speaker Mike Johnson concurred:

[Republicans] oppose President Biden’s disastrous budget, which would raise taxes by $5 trillion and create the largest debt-to-GDP ratio in history.

In contrast, the House GOP budget would reduce deficits by trillions and balance the budget over the next decade, while protecting Social Security and Medicare.

And thee we have it.

The Bottom Line

It’s not difficult to understand the differences between the beliefs of the left and those of the right. 

While liberals continue to believe, without facts, they can tax and spend the country to prosperity, which hasn’t happened in the history of mankind, true conservatives believe in lower taxes, less government control, more economic freedom, and actions vs. words (and higher taxes) in the battle against violent crime.

Then again, Joe Biden.


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