WATCH: Reporter Asks John Kirby Best Question Ever About Biden 'Making Stuff Up'

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Unfortunately, a lot of the media either is completely under the thrall of the Democrats or is asleep at the switch when it comes to holding Joe Biden accountable for anything he does. 

We saw on Wednesday how the White House thinks that they can control the media by sending out a “talking points” memo about how they should apply “scrutiny” to the Republican impeachment inquiry into Biden. As I noted, they had some media, like a reporter from Politico, basically parroting the propaganda they were putting out—not even questioning it—just turning around and putting it out on X. 

But the White House doesn’t control everyone, and occasionally some interesting questions manage to make it through to the folks behind the podium, and not just from Fox’s Peter Doocy. 

On Wednesday, one of the reporters clearly had enough of Joe Biden’s fantasyland stories, so he put John Kirby on the spot and asked the question we all want to ask — just exactly what is Biden’s problem with all the made-up tales? 

“In the past couple of weeks, [Joe Biden] has lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 attacks,” the reporter said as Kirby made a face. That didn’t stop the reporter. He said Biden “falsely claimed he saw the Pittsburgh bridge collapse. Claimed that his grandfather died in the hospital days before his birth [which wasn’t true]. What is going on with [Joe Biden]? Is he just believing things that didn’t happen did happen? Or is he just [unintelligible] making stuff up?” the reporter asked. 

Kirby’s answer has to be in the “no shame” Hall of Fame. 

He said Joe Biden was “deeply touched and honored to spend 9/11 with military members there in Alaska, and some families.” Kirby said Biden was “honored by their presence…and the chance to make an important set of remarks about why we need to remember that day.” He claimed it had a “visceral impact” on the president. 

Horse hockey. He’s so “honored” he lies about 9/11 on the anniversary. That’s not honoring anyone. 

Biden got backlash for not even bothering to visit an attack site in commemoration of the anniversary, so he cobbled together the Alaska visit with troops to look like he was doing something and to try to blunt some of the anger. But he couldn’t even get that right when he “lied” — as the reporter said — about being at Ground Zero in New York City the day after the attacks when he was actually in Washington, D.C. Kirby displays no honor, trying to sell this answer. He tried something similar the day before when I reported that not only did Biden make the false claim, but he may have plagiarized his description of the visit — that it looked like the “gates of hell” as he stood there — from Hillary Clinton, who really was there the day after the attack. 

If Kirby had any honor, he would quit and not push what he knows to be falsehoods. But honor is something that seems to be in short supply at this White House. 

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