WATCH: Climate Activist Tries to Accost Joe Manchin and Quickly Finds Out

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There is no more annoying human being than your average “climate change” activist, a fact Joe Manchin found out on Friday. While visiting the Kennedy School of Business at Harvard, the senator found himself face to face with a group of protesters, including one who got just a little too close and quickly found out.

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In the video of the incident, which was released by “Climate Defiance” because self-immolation has become a fetish, you can see a man rush up to Manchin. He calls him an obscenity and proclaims “you have sold our futures” in an aggressive tone.

That’s when this happens. 

Does citing the movie “Friday” make me old? Because that dude just got Deeboed. Perfect form by the guy who stepped in to put the activist in his place. Whoever he is, my hat is off to him.

The best part is “Climate Defiance” claiming in their post that they “held firm.” Are they sure about that? Because I saw one of their members get blasted by a pancake block that would make an NFL left tackle proud.

Perhaps one day these climate activists will learn that they don’t have a right to harass and inconvenience others just because they suffer from mental delusions. Today was not that day, though, and the bill came due. Honestly, it’s a testament to the self-control of the average person that these people don’t end up punched in the face more often. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do. I’m just saying I understand that people have boundaries. 

This isn’t complicated. Do not accost people in public. Do not block roads. Do not throw soup on valuable paintings. If climate activists would do something besides act like lunatics, they might draw more support. Instead, they are actually hurting their cause, and that’s just fine with me.


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