Upcoming Kia Clavis ‘SUV’ Spotted Testing: New Video

Kia Motors India is poised to strengthen its product portfolio with the introduction of the Clavis ‘SUV’, marking a significant stride in the company’s foray into the highly competitive SUV market in India. The Kia Clavis has been the subject of rigorous testing phases in the past few months. A plethora of spy images have surfaced over time, providing insights into the vehicle’s design and features. Recently, a new video emerged, offering a more detailed examination of the SUV’s aesthetic and functional attributes.


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The footage, disseminated by the popular automotive influencer platform, Viral Cars Hyderabad, via their Instagram channel, captures a camouflaged Kia Clavis navigating through urban roadways. A striking feature observed in the video is the SUV’s sophisticated vertical LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). The vehicle’s advanced sensor technology, which seamlessly transitions the headlight illumination in response to diminished ambient light conditions would be an interesting feature. These all-LED headlamps, characterized by their vertical alignment, hint at the potential inclusion of dual-function LED DRLs, though this remains speculative until further confirmation.

Moreover, the vehicle’s exterior design is highlighted by the presence of a radar system situated on the lower bumper and a camera mounted on the windshield, indicative of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are anticipated to enhance safety and convenience for the driver. The Clavis boasts a clamshell-type bonnet and is expected to exhibit a robust, boxy design aesthetic, aligning with contemporary SUV design trends.

2024 Kia Clavis

Distinct design elements such as the split front grille, faux skid plate, new alloy wheel designs, and integrated LED turn indicators on the Outside Rear-View Mirrors (ORVMs) are discernible. These features, together with the SUV’s deep grey finish, square wheel arches, and roof rails, contribute to its imposing stance and unmistakably pseudo-SUV identity, as we Indians understand it.

The interior glimpses reveal an expected suite of high-tech features, including a fully digital instrument cluster, a multi-functional steering wheel, and a 360-degree camera system, all enveloped in an ice grey interior color scheme. Kia’s reputation for packing their vehicles with state-of-the-art features suggests that the Clavis will be no exception, setting new standards in its class for technological integration.

The Clavis’s rear design maintains the boxy motif, characterized by vertical LED tail lamps with a unique drop-down design that merges seamlessly with the tailgate, a contemporary styling cue that may or may not be complemented by an LED connecting bar—a common element in modern vehicle designs.

The positioning of the turn indicators and other rear lighting fixtures on the bumper, along with the placement of the registration number plate, deviates from conventional SUV designs, further distinguishing the Clavis in its segment.

Positioned strategically between the Kia Sonet and Seltos, the Clavis represents Kia’s ambition to offer a comprehensive SUV lineup catering to diverse consumer preferences and driving needs. Initially anticipated to be available with a petrol engine, the introduction of electric and possibly hybrid variants are also possibilities.

The Kia Clavis is poised to compete fiercely in the compact SUV segment against established models such as the Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, and Tata Nexon. Its launch, expected by the end of this year or early 2025, is eagerly awaited by industry watchers and consumers alike, signaling Kia’s continued innovation and growth in the automotive sector.

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