Two men in a car gets stranded as river overflows: Rescued by firefighters [Video]

Many parts of India have been experiencing unprecedented rainfall, affecting the lives of people in numerous cities. In many metro cities, roads become waterlogged due to poor drainage and heavy rains. There have been several incidents where people in cars became stranded on flooded roads after their vehicles broke down. A recent incident was reported from Odisha, where two people traveling in a car got stuck on a flooded road as the water level in a nearby river suddenly rose.

A video of the incident has been circulating online and has also been reported by local media. According to reports, Rashmi Ranjan Swain and Prashant Mohanty were driving their car along their usual route when the incident occurred. The two individuals were driving beside the Mahanadi River when, suddenly, the water level in the river rose, leaving them with limited options. The strong water current began pushing their car away from the road, and they lost control as it started floating.

The car was pushed away from the road and eventually became stuck in a tree. The car came to a halt, but they now faced another problem: due to the water flow, the car was slowly starting to submerge. In order to escape, both of them got out of the car and found shelter on the tree. One of them can be seen sitting on the car’s roof as well. Since this happened quickly, they couldn’t retrieve their phones from the car probably. While they were trying to save themselves, a passerby on a nearby bridge spotted the car and the two individuals.

Man sitting on roof of the car

He acted promptly and contacted emergency services, including firefighters. The firefighters arrived at the scene quickly and initiated a rescue operation. One of the individuals who had climbed the tree later sought shelter on a nearby roof, unsure of how long it would take for the rescue team to reach them. The other person remained on the car’s roof. It took the rescue team a couple of hours to navigate through the treacherous waters and reach the individuals. The exact reason for the rise in the water level in the Mahanadi River is not mentioned in the reports.

One must exercise extreme caution when driving through such areas. The occupants of the car should have turned back as soon as they noticed the water level rising. One of the reasons they likely got stuck is because they continued driving and overlooked the fact that the water level was increasing. Since it was their regular route, they may not have expected such an event. The front of the car is completely submerged in water, and it appears that the car’s interior has been damaged by the water. repairing a car like this is probably going to be an expensive affair. The report does not mention whether the car has been recovered from the spot or not.

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