Toyota Innova Hycross Modified With Vellfire Body Kit And Custom Interiors [Video]

The Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid MPV is currently one of the hottest vehicles in India. It currently has a waiting period of over 2 years, and some dealerships are even asking for a Rs 3.5-4 lakh premium to deliver the car at the earliest. Because of this, not many Innova Hycross models have been modified. However, recently, a video of a brand-new Innova Hycross getting some of the most exquisite modifications has been shared online. This particular car has been given an imported body kit, a brand-new Italian Nappa leather interior, and a bunch of other mods.

Toyota Innova Hycross modifications

This video of what is India’s highest modified Toyota Innova Hycross has come courtesy of Autorounders from YouTube. The shop is known for its conversion jobs, which it performs on popular models from Toyota and cars from other brands. In this video, the owner of the shop mentions that the owner of this Innova Hycross took delivery of the car and within three days sent it to their shop to get the exterior and interior completely modified.

List of modifications

Following this brief introduction, the owner of the shop reveals the plans for this Toyota Innova Hycross. He states that this hybrid MPV will be getting a custom Toyota Alphard/Vellfire body kit, which they have imported from international markets. He added that there is currently no other Innova Hycross in the country with this body kit, which they are importing via flight.

Toyota Innova Hycross modified

The presenter highlighted that the owner asked them to do any modification they like, and there is no budget. Next up, he states that they have also specially ordered genuine Italian Nappa leather interior, a very unique shade that no other car has received in their shop.

Apart from this, he mentions that they will be adding a number of custom-fabricated parts behind the seats, a new Rolls Royce-like starlight roof liner, and Skyview for the panoramic sunroof that comes with the Innova Hycross. He added that they will also be adding new LED taillights and new 18-inch alloy wheels with new tires.

Installation of modifications

Toyota Innova Hycross modified interior

Moving on, the video shows the technicians of the shop working on the newly imported body kit parts. It can be noted that they first sand down the new parts and spray them with primer. Following this, they then paint and match all of the new parts and then fit them into the car by replacing all the old parts. Next up, the technicians are shown working on the new interior before finally showing the completed car.

Final product

Toyota Innova hycross modified interior roof

Finally, after rounding up the entire work, the presenter and the owner of the shop show the entire finished project. He first starts off at the exterior and mentions that this is the most unique Toyota Innova Hycross in the country. The presenter highlights that there is no other Alphard grille Innova Hycross with this unique logo. He also shows the newly added 18-inch alloy wheels and new three-piece LED taillights and a new rear bumper.

Toyota Innova hycross interior modified

Next up, he moves to the interior of the car. He states that the entire car’s interior has been given genuine orange Nappa leather. He then highlights that they have built custom seat backs with tables and infotainment screens. Apart from these, he adds that they have given the rear seat of the car powered functionality with ottoman. Lastly, he shows the newly added starlight roof liner and Skyview on the panoramic sunroof.

Reactions from family

Toyota Innova hycross modified rear

Lastly, the owner shows the completed car to the car owner and his family. Each and every member of the family was seen admiring their newly modified Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid MPV. They stated that this is the most luxurious car that they have seen, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

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