Top 12 Bikes With Best Mileage in India 2024: Fuel Efficiency Meets Performance

In the Indian bike market, fuel efficiency remains a top priority for consumers, alongside performance, comfort, and technological features. As we move into 2024, a range of bikes have emerged that excel in delivering exceptional mileage without compromising on other essential aspects. This article presents an overview of the 12 best mileage bikes in India for 2024, drawing from the latest data and reviews from leading automotive platforms.

Product Details

1. Hero Splendor Plus Xtec (₹79,705*): Offering a fuel efficiency of 80.6 kmpl, this bike features a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity.

Hero Splendor Plus Xtec

2. Honda Shine (₹80,409*): With a mileage of 65 kmpl, the Honda Shine boasts a refined 124cc engine and a silent start with ACG technology.

Honda Shine
Honda Shine

3. TVS Raider 125 (₹97,054*): Delivering a mileage of 71.94 kmpl, this stylish bike comes with LED lighting and a fully digital console with a gear position indicator.

TVS Raider 125
TVS Raider 125

4. Bajaj Platina 100 (₹61,617*): Known for its comfort, the Platina 100 offers a mileage of 75 kmpl and features ‘Comfortec’ technology and nitrogen gas-charged rear shock absorbers.

5. TVS Sport (₹63,301*): This budget-friendly option provides a mileage of 70 kmpl and includes an Econometer feature for optimizing fuel consumption.

Tvs Sport
TVS Sport

6. Hero HF Deluxe (₹56,198*): One of the most affordable bikes on the list, the HF Deluxe offers a mileage of 70 kmpl and features i3S technology for automatic engine shut-off when idle.

Hero HF Deluxe
Hero HF Deluxe

7. Honda SP 125 (₹86,747*): With a mileage of 60 kmpl, this model features Honda’s Eco Technology (HET) and a fully digital instrument cluster with service due reminders.

8. Bajaj CT 100 (Starting at ₹49,400*): The epitome of affordability and efficiency, the CT 100 offers a mileage of 89.5 kmpl and includes SNS rear susproads.

Bajaj CT100
Bajaj CT100

9. TVS Star City Plus (₹96,560*): Offering a mileage of 83.09 kmpl, this bike features Ecothrust Fuel injection technology for superior fuel efficiency.

10. Hero Passion Pro (₹73,441*): Combining style with efficiency, the Passion Pro delivers a mileage of 68 kmpl and includes Auto Sail technology for easy city commuting.

hero passion pro image side profile
Hero Passion Pro

11. Yamaha Saluto RX: With a lightweight design and agility, the Saluto RX offers a mileage of 82 kmpl and features a Unified Braking System (UBS) for enhanced safety during sudden stops.

Yamaha Saluto RX
Yamaha Saluto RX

12. Suzuki Hayate EP (₹70,400*): Designed for comfort and efficiency, the Hayate EP provides a mileage of 70 kmpl and includes SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) technology for optimized fuel efficiency without compromising on power.

Suzuki Hayate
Suzuki Hayate

Strategic Positioning

Each of these bikes is strategically positioned to cater to specific target audiences. For example, the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec and TVS Raider 125 are aimed at tech-savvy riders who prioritize features like digital consoles and Bluetooth connectivity. The Bajaj Platina 100 and TVS Sport, on the other hand, are positioned as budget-friendly options for daily commuters who value comfort and affordability.

Competitive Market Analysis

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Bajaj CT 100 leads the pack with an impressive 89.5 kmpl, followed closely by the TVS Star City Plus at 83.09 kmpl. While some models like the Honda SP 125 and Hero Passion Pro offer slightly lower mileage, they compensate with advanced features and superior performance. Compared to competitors not listed in the top 12, these bikes stand out for their balanced approach to fuel efficiency, performance, and features.


The 12 best mileage bikes in India for 2024 showcase a diverse range of options for consumers seeking fuel efficiency without compromising on other essential aspects. From the affordability of the Bajaj CT 100 to the tech-forward features of the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec, each bike offers a unique value proposition. For daily commuters, models like the Bajaj Platina 100 and TVS Sport provide a comfortable and budget-friendly ride. Meanwhile, bikes like the TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 cater to riders who prioritize style and performance alongside fuel efficiency. Ultimately, the choice of the best mileage bike will depend on individual needs and preferences, but this list offers a comprehensive starting point for informed decision-making.

*On-road prices may vary by location.

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