This Brand-New Google Flights Feature Could Save You Money on Airfare

While airfare can be costly, getting a deal when buying airline tickets is possible. Many travelers use airfare search tools like Google Flights to get a feel for prices before they book tickets. Google Flights has introduced a new feature that could help you save more money on this costly travel expense. Find out what you need to know before booking your next flight.

Google Flights makes it easy to research airfare prices

By using travel search tools like Google Flights, you can plan your next vacation without ignoring your budget. These tools make researching and comparing airfare prices easier before booking tickets. That way, you can make a more informed financial choice.

When using Google Flights, you can play around with different destinations and dates. You can filter your results to find the right flight for your needs. For example, if you prefer nonstop flights, you can filter your search results so you’re only shown flights without connections. It’s a great tool to use as you start planning a trip that requires you to fly. Google Flights also tells you whether the prices shown are low, typical, or high.

Google recently announced another feature that can help travelers save more money — and it’s rolling out this week. The new feature will alert travelers whether now is a good time to book or if it may be possible to get a cheaper price by booking later. If Google thinks you can score a lower price later, it will give you a suggested timeframe to book.

It’s worth noting that this feature won’t be available for all flight searches. According to Google, it will be available for searches when enough reliable trend data is available. This brand-new feature could make the decision-making process easier.

Plus, we’re all looking for ways to keep more money in our bank accounts, and tools like this can help us do that. Google Flights is just one of many such airfare pricing tools.

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Three tips to save money on travel expenses

Here are a few tips that may help you save money on travel costs:

1. Set a budget and don’t delay planning

Outlining a vacation budget is beneficial because it can help you stay on track as you book reservations and establish an itinerary. It can also be a win for your wallet when you plan and make bookings early. When booking hotels, you may want to consider making refundable reservations, so you can book early and monitor prices. Then you can cancel and rebook if you see a lower rate closer to your travel dates.

2. Be as flexible as possible

Those with more schedule flexibility can save money on travel costs. If you’re able to take a vacation at a time when fewer people are also vacationing, you may pay cheaper rates. Other ways to save money by being flexible include visiting destinations during the off-season and flying in and out on weekdays instead of weekends. It pays to be flexible.

3. Use travel credit cards to earn rewards

You may want to consider adding one of the best travel rewards credit cards to your wallet to earn valuable travel rewards. When you accumulate enough rewards, you can redeem them for flights and hotel stays, which could help to make your vacation much more affordable.

It’s possible to get a deal on travel

If you’re taking a vacation soon and want to keep your travel spending to a minimum, consider checking the new money-saving feature that Google Flights recently introduced. Yes, travel can be expensive, but you can still get a deal.

Using tools like Google Flights and strategizing during the planning and booking process, you can plan an unforgettable getaway while continuing to work hard to reach your personal finance goals. Looking forward to a trip? Here are a few ways to save up for your next vacation.

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