The New York Times in a Tizzy Over Trump's Deep State Paranoia, Makes a Video to Prove Government Is Good

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The New York Times is being disingenuous in its coverage of former President and 2024 Republican nominee Donald Trump.


They admit that Trump has been talking about the Deep State for some time, but apparently they have their panties in a bunch because Trump is now saying he will reinstate Schedule F to defund agencies.

Sources close to former President Trump say he would immediately reimpose his “Schedule F” executive order if he takes back the White House in the 2024 presidential elections, Axios’ Jonathan Swan reports.

Why it matters: It would effectively upend the modern civil service, and put future presidents in the position of bringing in their own loyalists or reverting to a traditional bureaucracy, Swan reports.

I find it fascinating that the NY Times even cares. After all, in 2017 they asked, “What Happens When You Fight a ‘Deep State’ That Doesn’t Exist?”

Though Mr. Trump has not publicly used the phrase, allies and sympathetic news media outlets have repurposed “deep state” from its formal meaning — a network of civilian and military officials who control or undermine democratically elected governments — to a pejorative meant to accuse civil servants of illegitimacy and political animus.

It is akin to Mr. Trump’s appropriation of “fake news,” a term that originally described rumor mills but one that he has used against any outlet that reports real news unfavorable to his administration.

Much as his use of “fake news” miscasts reporting as lying, “deep state” presents apolitical civil servants as partisan agents. And it mischaracterizes those officials, who seek to defend their place within the system, by presenting them as acting against that system.

Now they not only are saying the Deep State exists, but that they’re just like us!

As America closes in on a major election, mistrust is brewing around the mysterious government entity that’s now denounced in scary-sounding terms — “the deep state” and “the swamp.” What do those words even mean? Who exactly do they describe?

We went on a road trip to find out. As we met the Americans who are being dismissed as public enemies, we discovered that they are … us. They like Taylor Swift. They dance bachata. They go to bed at night watching “Star Trek” reruns. They go to work and do their jobs: saving us from Armageddon.

Sure, our tax dollars pay them, but as you’ll see in the video above, what a return on our investment we get!

What a load of horse hockey. In the six minute video that is at the heart of the opinion piece, the team goes to Huntsville, Alabama, visiting the Marshall Space Flight Center, which has an annual budget of $5 billion. 

They talked to Mission Manager Scott Bellamy, introducing him as though he’s a participant on “The Dating Game,” and talking about how our tax dollars helped him to save the planet by redirecting an asteroid. All well and good, but we know that if NASA stuck to its mission of actually exploring space and performing planetary saves, rather than pouring money into “Environmental Justice” measures and letting transgender activists be Space Camp counselors, they would not be under the microscope. 

Washington, D.C. and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water Division is the next featured agency. The EPA has a budget of $4.6 billion, and Radhika Fox is the assistant administrator for water. Her claim to fame is that she led an operation to make our drinking water lead-free in 10 years by forcing utility companies to spend 50 billion to replace lead pipes. 

Now you know why your utilities have skyrocketed over the past three years. 

However, I would think that the actual water flowing through the pipes should also be a concern. In that regard, Flint, Michigan and East Palatine, Ohio would like a word with Radhika Fox. Oh, wait, as of the NY Times publication of this piece, Fox resigned her role at the EPA in February, to earn even more money at a water technology company. Perhaps she smells more than lead in that water.

The NY Times then wags its finger at us: do you want to replace your own pipes? Do you have the skills to build your own asteroid-deflecting space craft? 

Of course not: That’s why your tax dollars pay experts like Radhika and Scott. Important work like this is happening all over America. From helping two million victims of the opioid crisis, to engineering major breakthroughs in nuclear fusion. And helping make hearing aids affordable for 30 million people. Yep, the ‘deep state’ is hard at work, making America great.

And this perfect piece of gaslighting beats all: “Just because we don’t know about it, doesn’t make it suspicious.”


The NY Times ends their Deep State/Bureaucracy is Awesome tour in Chicago, Illinois at the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division with the smallest budget of them all—a mere $260 million. Acting Director for Enforcement Nancy Alcantara talks about how they are saving children from slaughterhouse dismemberment and forced labor, while failing to mention that most of that child labor streams over our wide open Southern border that the Biden administration refuses to control. This is also the agency that is slated to kill the livelihood of 64 million independent professionals through bureaucratic fiat. The NY Times closing line? “These guys work for you, but Trump wants them working for him.”

No, these guys work for themselves, and will continue to do so, no matter who takes over the Oval Office in November, and the New York Times knows this. These are the same hypocritical editors who are screaming about MAGA Republicans and Christian Nationalists. But Trump is paranoid about the Deep State. 

The New York Times remains on brand: clueless, craven, deceptive, and duplicitous.

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