Tesla Vision to replace more vehicle sensors with Tesla Vision

Tesla announced Tuesday that ultrasonic sensors will be replaced in its vehicles by Tesla starting this month.

According to the company, it will begin removing radar from Model 3 and Model Y, Model S, Model X and Model X in 2021. The automaker stated that incremental safety and feature improvements have been made since then.

Tesla Vision, a camera-based Autopilot system that uses cameras to guide vehicles around the world, is now used in most regions.

“Today we are taking the next steps in Tesla Vision by removing ultrasonic sensor (USS), from Model 3 and Model Y. It stated that Model 3 and Model Y will be continuing this rollout globally over the next few weeks, with Model S and Model X following in 2023.

Tesla stated that Model 3 and Model Y equipped with Tesla Vision have maintained or improved their active safety ratings in Europe and the U.S.

These models are reputed to perform better in pedestrian emergency braking (AEB).

Tesla claimed that it had also removed the USS and launched its vision-based

occupancy system to replace the inputs generated from the sensors.

“Autopilot’s current software allows for high-definition spatial positioning. This approach provides Autopilot with a longer-range view, higher visibility, and the ability to distinguish between objects. It said that as with many other Tesla features it stated, “our occupancy network will continue improving rapidly over time”

Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS for a limited time will be shipped with inactive or restricted features. These features include Park Assist and Autopark as well as Summon, Smart Summon, Summon, and Smart Summon.

After the features reach “performance parity with today’s cars”, they will be restored by a series of over-the-air software upgrades.

“Given the incremental improvements made with Tesla Vision and our roadmap for future Autopilot capabilities and improvements, we are confident this is the best strategy to ensure the safety of our customers,” Tesla stated. A FAQ section also noted that the transition did not affect crash safety ratings.

You will find the 12 sensors on both the front and back bumpers.

Tesla has no plans to retire the ultrasonic sensor functionality from its fleet.

According to Reuters: Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed it could achieve complete autonomy using cameras alone, but targets to roll out self-driving taxis were missed.

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