Take the inaugural Inman Intel Index survey for September 2023

Welcome to a new industry-changing survey: the Inman Intel Index.

Each month, the Index — which we’re referring to as the Triple-I, or III — will take the pulse of Inman’s readership by tracking what’s top of mind for real estate agents, brokers, mortgage professionals and industry executives charting industry sentiment on everything from the state of the housing market to advances in technology like artificial intelligence.

The first month to be tracked by the Inman Intel Index is September, and as such, the survey is now open for submissions.


We believe the Triple-I will distinguish itself from other real estate surveys by reaching for a more engaged and diverse audience and by asking questions that matter and providing actionable insights that move the industry forward.

But to gain the most reliable insights, we need you. Click through to answer this month’s questions, and keep an eye out for results next month at Inman Intel.

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