Suspect Allegedly Claims to Have Bomb, Takes Hostages in Miami Bank of America

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A hostage situation is currently unfolding in Miami, Florida on Tuesday. A male suspect claiming to have a bomb strapped to him is inside a Bank of America at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, Florida. Law enforcement personnel have surrounded the bank, and a shirtless man was seen being escorted by SWAT officers with his hands zip-tied behind his back. According to police, the man said that he was abducted from his home and had a bomb strapped to him. No other details or information has been provided by authorities in the area, and what appears to be an armed standoff is still ongoing. 

Currently, there are numerous law enforcement and other agencies are on the scene to a critical incident surrounding the Bank of America at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers, Florida. This follows reports of a young man claiming to have explosives and holding multiple people hostage inside the building. Officials have not released any more information regarding the active investigation at this time. They are asking people to avoid the area, as this situation is still developing.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated when new information becomes available. 

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