Rolls Royce Ghost Owner Gets Tyres Changed At Karol Bagh: Trolled [Video]

We often see videos where people take their cars to local car markets and get them customized or modified to their liking. In most cases, people who buy the base variant go for such customizations to make it look like a higher variant. One place that is popular for such modifications is Karol Bagh. In most cases, we have only seen mass-market cars in such markets. However, we now have a video where a Rolls Royce luxury sedan is seen getting its tires changed at Karol Bagh.


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The video has been shared by Abdul on his Instagram page. In this video, we see a Rolls Royce Ghost Series 1 parked outside a shop in Karol Bagh. If you notice carefully, the Rolls Royce is slightly tilted to the right side. The video then shows the side profile, where a person is seen sitting next to the car, fixing the wheel.

The video says that Karol Bagh is one such market where no matter how expensive your car is, they’ll all be treated the same way. Being a Rolls Royce doesn’t entitle it to special treatment.

The video mentions that the car had arrived in Karol Bagh for a tire change. There are several shops in the Karol Bagh area that deal in imported tires, and it looks like the owner of the car brought his car for just that.

Rolls Royce getting tyres changed

The video of the Rolls Royce getting its tires changed went viral almost immediately. Below this video, many users have commented and trolled the Rolls Royce owner. One of them wrote, “Clear difference between ‘I can own the car’ and ‘I can afford the car’.”

Another wrote, “CNG bi lga wa le” (why don’t you install CNG too). While some of them are trolling the owner, others have mentioned that the owner of this Ghost also owns a Rolls Royce Phantom VIII and the current generation Range Rover SUV.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. Other than this multi-crore Rolls Royce Ghost, we have also seen a couple of other expensive and exotic cars getting repaired at such roadside workshops.

One such incident we could recall is of an Audi R8 supercar. The multi-crore supercar was getting repainted on the roadside. The car was actually bought by a used car dealer, and he was probably getting it repainted before putting it up for sale.

Audi R8 Roadside Garage
Audi R8 Roadside Garage

The quality of the paint and the work done on this car is questionable, as getting a car like the Audi R8 repainted from the factory would cost the owner lakhs. The dealer only wanted to give it a new look without spending much.

Bentley Bentayga at a roadside garage
Bentley Bentayga at a roadside garage

Other than this, we have also seen images of a Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV getting fixed at a roadside workshop. The car was spotted at a roadside workshop in Mumbai. The bonnet of the SUV was open, and it looked like the car was up for some paint job, as we can see minor scratches on the lower part of the bumper. It is not clear whether the SUV was facing any other issues or not.

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