Revealed: More Than 1000 Emails Between Joe's VP Office and Hunter Firm, NARA Response Cooks Joe's Goose

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How many times over the past few years has Joe Biden said he never spoke to his son Hunter about his business? 

When that was found out to be untrue, Biden’s team tried to change their phrasing and claimed that he never was in business with his son, and that he had always said that. That was some kind of an Orwellian switch: just accept what we say, and forget the prior evidence. That takes some kind of gall to pitch that position now, when we can all see what Biden and his team said before. 

In addition to all the other evidence that Joe Biden was just spreading a lot of malarkey on this issue, now there’s still more evidence that just blows up Biden’s claim. 

According to a new report, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Partners investment firm traded more than 1,000 emails with Joe Biden’s vice presidential office. The emails were discovered through a request to the National Archives (NARA) by America First Legal. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, NARA is trying to hold back 200 emails that reference Hunter’s firm, claiming “executive privilege.” 

“Release would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors,” NARA informed America First Legal in response to its records request.

So I have questions here. How could anything be “confidential” or subject to “executive privilege,” if Joe Biden didn’t do business with his son? What is in those emails that they don’t want people to see? I’m just going to take a wild guess and say they weren’t talking about the weather or wedding plans. But the very phrasing of rationale indicates “business” and not just business, but business related to Biden’s official capacity as Vice President. The very response from NARA cooks Biden’s goose just a little bit more. You can’t say it’s official and then in the next moment say “Hey, Joe Biden wasn’t at all involved.” 

Some of the emails that have been released show it was all about influence, such as the following exchange:

In one frantic December 2013 email, lobbyist Doug Davenport begs Hunter Biden’s former business partner Eric Schwerin for tickets, on short notice, to the White House Christmas tour, indicating that Rosemont Seneca’s level of access to the Executive Mansion was well-known. 

“Hey guys……I am in a bad spot,” Davenport’s email begins. “I have a guy from Apple who is dying to take his 4 colleagues on a REGULAR WH Tour…see the tree, etc…..this Friday.”

“I know it is WAY short notice, but I would owe you my life if you could tell me any way possible to get my hands on some public tour tix for this Friday? Or am I just way out of line???” he adds. 

Schwerin then directs a Rosemont Seneca employee to “check with our friends over there” and informs Davenport that the only way the request would be possible would be to get them to “the front of the line.”

Rosemont Seneca then contacts Joe Biden’s office and is able to secure Davenport’s last-minute request as a “Big favor for Hunter,” the email shows.

So for example, they get people into events and use the contacts to help the business. I don’t know how you would call that anything other than influence peddling and Biden helping his son’s business. 

As the America First general counsel Gene Hamilton said, “These records provide even more evidence that no daylight existed between Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the Office of the Vice President during the Obama Administration.”  

You can say that again.

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