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#1 – NEW: The Gadsden Flag Kid Just Secured Total Victory — by Bonchie

That apparently struck some fear in the school administrators, because they canceled back-to-school night because of some unforeseen circumstances. Well, now we know what those circumstances are.

This is a story with a happy ending, though.

In a very surprising turn of events, the members of the school board called an emergency meeting and affirmed their respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In doing so, they also decided that the Gadsden patch is a valuable part of American history and that Jaiden may keep it on his backpack if he so chooses. 

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#2 – What Happened to the Child in Video Openly Questioning His ‘Transition’ and Crying During the Surgery? — by Jennifer Van Laar

Why does this child shoulder that burden? Josie’s words also show that perhaps dad wasn’t fully on board with what was going on when Josie was younger.

After that, “Josie and her psychologist discussed that moment of wavering, and just a few weeks shy of her 11th birthday she told us she never really changed her mind; she still really wants to be a girl.” I bet they discussed that “moment of wavering,” and it’s quite convenient that the confirmation came just before that next visit with Dr. Olson.

As Josie and Vanessa sat in Dr. Olson’s waiting room for that next visit, Vanessa noted that Josie “looked really nervous.” That’s the visit in which the hormone blockers were started.

The NBC News piece ends with Josie reading an essay about what the future looks like, including, “I’m going to be a mommy.” It’s not clear that Josie understands that estrogen therapy does not create a womb, or exactly how that dream of motherhood can be achieved.

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#3 – Update: The Gadsden Kid Is Undefeated, Has His School Running for the Hills — by Brandon Morse

Naturally, due to the viral nature of the story, people are hungry for updates, and boy howdy do we have some for you, both about Jaiden and what the school is now going through.

First, we’ll start with the hero of our story. Jaiden remains undeterred and has decided he’s going to walk back into the school with his bag and patch still attached. Jaiden says he will refuse to remove the patch and will conduct a school sit-in if it comes down to it. 

According to Connor Boyack, who first reported on this story, two law firms have now offered to assist Jaiden and his family if it comes down to lawfare, and will fight this clear discrimination against Jaiden and his beliefs. The story has also reached Colorado Governor Jared Polis who posted about the story seemingly taking Jaiden’s side but there has been no word on Polis actually doing anything about it.

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#4 – Biden Tries – And Fails – at Using a Whiteboard to Explain ‘Bidenomics’ — by Nick Arama

They think the problem isn’t Biden, it’s just messaging. If Americans just understood Biden and his policies a little better, then we’d truly get what a great guy he is and how wonderful his “plans” are. Of course, the problem is that we do understand his policies–because they are adversely impacting our wallets every single day in so many ways. They’re costing us hundreds of dollars more every month–by one count, $709 more a month–and it’s not something we will soon forget. 

What they did to try to convince us is truly funny. They sent Joe Biden out with a whiteboard on X, trying to explain to us — the poor benighted folks who just don’t get it — how “Bidenomics” works and why it’s a wonderful thing. 

“I came to office determined to change the economic direction of this country and to move from trickle-down economics to my middle out, bottom up vision: Bidenomics,” Biden said. Yet, even as he tries to get it out, he’s slurring his words and he’s not even writing it out the whiteboard; they’re flashing things on it to help him, and all he’s doing is checking boxes. What a low-energy whiteboard.

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#5 – Climate Activists Block Road to Burning Man Festival, Find Out That Nevada Rangers Don’t Play Around — by Nick Arama

But we’ve seen how that hasn’t gone well for activists when they’ve done things like this in the past, and here they managed to tick off the festivalgoers and regular people who wanted to get through. At some point, some of them got out of their cars and then started trying to remove the blockade the protesters had placed in the road. “We gotta get through,” one of the festivalgoers said. “You have to remove this f**king mess.” The protesters tried to stop them and an argument ensued as one of the people shouted at them, “You can’t block a road!”  

Protesters had chained themselves to the barricade but that didn’t stop the drivers trying to get through from trying to remove it. When they started moving the blockade, one of the female protesters shouted that they were “putting her life at risk” as she was moved slightly by their action. Her life was not at risk. “Well, you chained yourself to it,” one of the drivers said. Another driver called it a “dumb a** move.” Wait for the cops, one of the climate activists said. He tried to convince the drivers, “Every change in society came from civil disobedience, all of them.” The drivers weren’t buying that.


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