Rashly Driven Hyundai i20 Evades Cops By Driving In Reverse At Ghaziabad: Video

We come across videos related to traffic rules violations and reckless driving every day. However, we have rarely seen an instance where cops actually have to chase culprits. Here we have one such case coming from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. In this new video that has surfaced online, we see a police jeep following or chasing a Hyundai i20 on an elevated highway. In order to escape the cops, the car driver starts driving the car in reverse.

The video has been shared by Goa First News & Entertainment on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see a white Hyundai i20 being driven in reverse. A Mahindra Bolero that belongs to Uttar Pradesh Police was right in front of it. The cops are actually chasing the car after they received a message about a car that was being driven rashly and was being driven by a drunk driver. The cops did try to stop the car on the elevated highway; however, the driver of the Hyundai i20, in order to escape the cops, stopped the car and started driving the vehicle in reverse.

As seen in the video, the Mahindra Bolero did try to intercept the hatchback; however, the driver was driving the car in reverse in a dangerous manner. The car driver was evading or swerving the car left and right and was avoiding crashing into other vehicles. As per the reports that are available online, the i20 driver drove the car in reverse for almost 2 km. He did this dangerous stunt just to evade the cops, and he was successful in doing that too.

police chasing i20

The car was actually hit by the PCR van a couple of times, and even then the driver did not lose control. The video that has now gone viral on the internet was shot by another person who was passing through the opposite lane. The cat and mouse game between the cops and the culprits went on for some time before the person escaped the spot. Nimish Patil, deputy commissioner of police (trans-Hindon), said, “We received information about a car being rashly driven from Raj Nagar Extension around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The alert said the driver appeared to be drunk. Our PCR van immediately tried to intercept the car. Its driver continued to drive in reverse for nearly 2 kms and finally managed to evade the chasing PCR van at the Kanawani exit of the elevated road.”

The cops are currently on a hunt to locate the car and the driver. They have registered an FIR for rash driving and other relevant sections under the IPC. Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. If true, the driver seen here in the video not only tried to evade the cops by driving in reverse but also tried to risk the lives of other road users. Alcohol affects your body’s reaction time. This makes drunk driving even more dangerous as every second matters. He was driving the car in reverse, and the chances of crashing into any other vehicle and injuring them were very high. We are relieved to know that nothing like that happened. We really hope the culprits are traced and are made to pay the price for their irresponsible behavior.

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