Rare, Modified Tata Sierra: A Closer Look At The Legendary SUV [Video]

The year was 1991 when Tata Motors, the indigenous automaker, decided to launch its first SUV in the market. After years of development, the company launched the Sierra first generation, and it then followed with the launch of the second-generation model in 1997. Since then, it has been known as one of the most iconic SUVs ever launched in the Indian market. And recently, a video showing a completely modified version of this legendary SUV has been shared online.

Modified 1997 Tata Sierra SUV

This video of the highly modified 1997 Tata Sierra three-door SUV has come courtesy of Mihir Galat from YouTube. The presenter starts by mentioning that to film this particular SUV, he has come to Pune, Maharashtra. After this, he introduces the modified Sierra and its owner from the shop named The Piston Wolves.

After the introduction, the presenter gives a brief note of why they have kept the car turned on. He mentions that the car might not turn on if they turn it off. The owner then explains that although the body, engine, and everything have been sorted and are in excellent condition, the alternator is currently bad in this SUV. Hence, if they turn it off, it becomes hard to keep this car on.

Following this, the presenter and the owner start talking about this particular Sierra. The owner explains that this car belonged to one of his friends. He states that he said to his friend that whenever he plans to sell the car, he should sell it to him. However, what happened next was his friend ended up giving him the car for free.

The owner then explained that although the engine was kept maintained by his friend, other parts of the body and interior were missing, and he had to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the car to make it look like this off-road ready vehicle.

Modifications done on this Tata Sierra

1997 Tata Sierra modified interior

After talking about the Sierra and how he got it, he mentions that he has since changed the front seats and has swapped them with Honda Accord’s seats. He also mentions that the entire interior has been reupholstered in tan leather to give it a show car appearance. Following this, he shows the newly added gold alloy wheels and mud-terrain tires.

The owner of the car also shows the newly added roof carrier. He highlighted that they have mounted the spare tire on top instead of the rear door where it normally is positioned. Apart from this, he explains that the complete servicing of the engine has been done and it now drives very well.

Build quality and driving impressions

1997 Tata Sierra driving impression

Following the modifications, the presenter and owner talk about the build quality of this vehicle. The owner mentions that this car is very solidly built as all of the body panels of this car are made from metal. The presenter then shows the interior of the car and states that the owner has also added this Japanese Katana gear shifter.

After this, they take the car for a short drive, and the presenter takes the passenger seat. He states that the car feels very nice and it feels like it has been lifted. However, this is just because of the newly added bigger alloy wheels and tires. He then asks the owner to push the accelerator, and he captures the sound of the engine.

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