Politician’s Land Rover Defender 4X4 SUV stops in middle of waterlogged roads [Video]

With a water wading depth of 900mm, Land Rover Defender is known for its extreme capabilities. But this politician’s son faced was stranded in the middle of a waterlogged road when his Defender 110 simply shut off. Here is what happened.

The video made by Aditya Pratap Singh, son of former MLA Ravindra Pratap Singh, shows the stranded Land Rover Defender in about 200mm of water, which is not even reaching the wheel hubs. Singh then opened the door of the car and showed the instrument cluster while starting the car. It seems like that the car is not starting due to some failure.

Now, we are not sure about the problem that the Defender is facing in this video. But since the modern cars, especially the high-end luxury ones get complicated electronics that work in tandem with numerous sensors positioned around the cars.

It is likely that this Defender got one of the numerous things wrong and the vehicle is unable to start. It looks like that the Defender is in a safe mode or something similar to protect the vehicle. It is likely that a sensor malfunctioned and unlike the mass-segment vehicles, one cannot simply look under the bonnet and look for problems. These cars have to be wired to a computer to understand what is wrong.

Also, it is possible that a drop of water has entered the air intake of the vehicle and that is why the vehicle has shut off the engine to ensure that it does not gets hydrostatic lock. Even though it can wade through 900mm of water depth, a small splash of water on electronics can cause this problem. But it is not common at all.

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is highly popular in India, making a comeback after decades. Many Indian and foreign owners have engaged in extreme off-roading adventures with this SUV. After the initial sales, the British luxury car manufacturer added new engine options to the model earlier this year. The Land Rover Defender 110 offers five doors and a 5+2 seating option as well.

The Land Rover Defender boasts some impressive capabilities. It features a massive ground clearance of 291mm, a 38-degree approach angle, and a 40-degree departure angle. The SUV can traverse through water depths of up to 900mm, which is quite extreme. It also offers a roof load capacity of 300 kg and a towing capacity of a massive 3,500 kg.

Despite its off-road specifications, the cabin maintains a premium feel, featuring a 10-inch touchscreen in the center. Land Rover has also incorporated its latest Pivi Pro infotainment system.

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