Police books famous YouTuber TTF Vasan for rash driving after Suzuki Hayabusa crash during a wheelie [Video]

Time after time, we have stressed the fact that stunting on public roads can lead to unfortunate events. In the most recent incident of stunting, a popular YouTuber, while attempting a wheelie on a superbike, faced a horrific crash. The entire incident got caught on a CCTV camera, and the clip has become viral on the internet. On further advancement in this case, it has now been reported that the YouTuber has been booked by the police authorities under two charges. At the moment, the YouTuber is going through treatment for his injuries at a private hospital.

The video of TTF Vasan crashing after attempting a wheelie has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Manobala Vijayabalan. The video is a CCTV footage clip that shows the YouTuber doing a wheelie on his superbike. He was seen driving parallel to a white Hyundai Creta. Soon after popping up the wheelie, it can be noted that he lost control of his bike. The front wheel slammed on the ground, and after this, he could not control his bike. The YouTuber, after this, was sent flying out of the way, and he landed on the green field on the left of the road.

The other horrific part of this accident was that his bike went even further after TTF Vasan flew out. It can be seen, as it has been reported, that his bike went crashing in circles for an extra 100 meters from the spot where he fell. The rider soon after the incident was taken to a private hospital for treatment. It has been reported that TTF Vasan has suffered a fracture in his hand, but apart from it and a few minor injuries, he is safe and out of danger.

This incident took place in Tamil Nadu, near Kancheepuram. It has been reported that the Baluchetty Chatram police, after an investigation, has booked Vasan under section 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way) and 337 (causing hurt by an act endangering the life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). This is not the first time that TTF Vasan has come under scrutiny. The rider has been found guilty of traffic violations prior to this accident and has been served numerous fines as well.

Why is it important not to stunt on public roads?

At this point in time, this should not even be a question as to why it is important to obey traffic rules and not stunt on public roads. From this accident, an extremely important lesson can be learned: stunting could lead to extremely dangerous accidents, which could also turn fatal. It was a good thing that the YouTuber was wearing a helmet. Otherwise, this accident could have been worse, potentially leaving him with some more serious head injuries.

Another YouTube bike rider’s life was claimed

Police books famous YouTuber TTF Vasan for rash driving after Suzuki Hayabusa crash during a wheelie [Video]


A few months ago, due to excessive speeding on a public highway, another popular YouTuber by the name of Agastya Chauhan was involved in an even more horrible accident. In this particular accident, the rider lost his life. It was reported that the YouTuber was riding at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour on the Yamuna Expressway on his Kawasaki ZX-10R superbike. This particular accident happened when the rider, along with his friends, was on his way from Agra to Delhi. Many reports claimed that the YouTuber’s helmet was shattered into pieces after his bike hit a divider on a turn.

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