Ola S1 Pro owner seen using cruise control as ‘Auto-Pilot’ [Video]

Automobile companies spend crores of Rupees developing technologies that can ease the lives of their buyers and help them make their modes of transportation better. However, sometimes people do not use these features as intended and take unnecessary advantage of them, which, in turn, could become very harmful to them as well as other people on the public roads. Most recently, as an example of the above-mentioned problem, a man was seen riding his Ola S1 Pro electric scooter with cruise control on without putting his hands on the handlebars. A video of this incident has gone viral on the internet.

The video of the man riding an Ola Electric scooter without using his hands has been shared on Instagram by Vishal Ahlawat on their page. This video shows an orange-colored Ola Electric S1 Pro electric scooter being ridden by a man on a highway. The reckless part about this video is that the man was not using his hands for riding. The rider put his scooter in cruise control mode, and it was moving at a constant speed by itself. During the ride, the man was using both of his hands to adjust the helmet he was wearing. However, after adjusting the helmet, he still did not use his hands for the ride and instead kept them on his lap.

This video, as mentioned, highlights a major problem of Indian automotive buyers. The problem in India is that the companies spend a ton of money developing these features for the betterment and ease of driving, but people just keep on misusing them. It was a good thing that in this particular video, nothing sprung upon the rider during this reckless riding. However, if something came across the road, he would not have been able to control the vehicle, and it could have led to a lot of injuries. Additionally, this type of behavior carries an inherent risk that other people on the road can also get involved in a crash with someone riding like this.

Ola Electric released the cruise control feature with the MoveOS 2 update back in 2021. The Ola Electric S1 Pro is the only electric scooter in the country with this feature. This feature is generally seen in much more expensive bikes. The cruise control feature in the Ola S1 Pro scooter can be activated at any speed between 20 to 80 kph in all riding modes, except for Eco. This feature allows riders to avoid unnecessary accelerations and decelerations, extending the range of the scooter.

XUV700 ADAS misuse

Ola S1 Pro owner seen using cruise control as ‘Auto-Pilot’ [Video]
Owner misusing ADAS feature

This is not the first time that we have seen the misuse of a technological feature provided by an automotive company. Ever since the launch of the Mahindra XUV700 with the important safety feature of ADAS, drivers have been misusing it. A ton of videos have shown people activating ADAS on their XUV700 SUVs and doing all kinds of stuff by keeping their hands off the steering wheel. In some viral videos, people have been seen playing cards while the car drives itself, while in some, people have been seen playing cards while the car drives itself while in some people have been seen eating dinner while keeping their hands on the plates. In an extremely stupid video a man was even seen sitting in the front passenger seat while the car was driving itself.

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