Ola Cab Driver Slapped Me In Front Of My Son: Entrepreneur Posts Ordeal On LinkedIn

Online cab services like Uber and Ola are often relied upon heavily in metro cities like Delhi NCR region. Stories of cab drivers misbehaving with passengers, and vice versa, have become common. A new incident from Delhi involves an Ola cab driver who slapped a passenger in front of his son. The sad part is that Ola has not taken any action against the driver yet. The passenger shared his experience on LinkedIn.

Kiran Verma, an entrepreneur, was in Delhi last month for a medical break. He had to go to the airport to pick someone up and chose to book a cab. He booked a cab from Ola, and as usual, the cab arrived. The exact location from where Kiran had booked the cab is not mentioned. His 6-year-old son also accompanied him to the airport.

As soon as the cab arrived, the driver asked Kiran to cancel the ride and pay in cash. Kiran refused and asked the driver to start the trip. Reluctantly, the driver started the trip but drove in the completely opposite direction. When asked, he claimed there was traffic on the usual route. The driver stopped before even driving a kilometer and demanded extra payment in cash, regardless of what the application showed.

The cab driver was shouting, which frightened Kiran’s 6-year-old son. His son asked him to leave the car. Kiran immediately took out his phone and called the helpline number provided by the application. The helpline called the police, and both Kiran and his son got out of the car. The cab driver held the passenger’s bag and refused to return it.

The Ola cab driver continued to demand payment in cash. Kiran refused and took another photo of the cab driver, who was still holding the bag. This provoked the driver, who got out of the car and slapped Kiran. Another cab driver passing by stopped the Ola driver.

Ola cab driver who allegedly slapped Kiran

During this incident, the customer remained on the call with the helpline number. The executive on the call instructed Kiran to not engage in any argument or pay in cash. The phone was on speaker, and the cab driver overheard this.

He approached Kiran and slapped him again. Kiran also mentioned that the Ola cab driver had brought a couple of goons with him, leading him to believe that the driver intended to rob them. When they saw people gathering around Kiran, they fled the scene, including the cab driver.

The other cab driver who had stopped then took Kiran to the airport. The good gentlemen even told him that Ola is not going to take any action against the driver. Kiran was furious that even after this incident, Ola had not taken any action against the driver. He mentioned that Ola closed the complaint one hour after it was registered.

Kiran shared the vehicle number HR55AP7649 and the complaint ticket number – 385689225 in his post. He is urging everyone to say no to Ola cab services and to prefer Uber. He also believes that Bhavish Aggarwal should be held responsible for creating such a culture.

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