MTTP – A Tale of Two Border Visits

Thursday provided Americans with a fairly remarkable opportunity: A virtually side-by-side comparison of the current and former president and the two men most likely to be their parties’ respective nominees on November’s ballot. 

Typically, we don’t see that until after the conventions — once they’re on the debate stage opposite one another. Of course, anyone banking on that actually taking place in this election cycle might want to reconsider their investment. My hunch is that Joe Biden in Brownsville and Donald Trump in Eagle Pass might have been closer to one another Thursday than they’ll be to a debate stage come the fall. 

I cannot, for the life of me, imagine Biden’s handlers allowing him anywhere near a debate stage — unless they’re secretly hoping he’ll just wander off it and save them the trouble. Which is why it’s interesting that they opted to send him to the border for only the second time in his presidency on the very day Trump announced he’d be there. All that did was invite an already troubling (for Biden) comparison. 

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And so we got to see shuffling, confused Biden flanked by Border Patrol officers versus an engaged, fired-up Trump interacting with the Texas governor and National Guard. And it presented a fairly stark contrast on an issue that’s front and center for many Americans. 

As far as the optics go, I’d say Joe lost that battle. 


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This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, March 1st. Audio included below.

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