Modified Mitsubishi Cedia Sedan in India with 400 BHP Will Beat BMWs, Mercs [Video]

The Japanese automotive giant Mitsubishi Motors used to sell its Cedia sedan in the country back in the 2000s. This particular sedan was known for its beautiful design and luxurious interior. However, due to a number of reasons, it did not do well in terms of sales in the country and was discontinued.

Now bringing back this legend in a completely modified form, a popular tuning company that goes by the name of Race Concepts has done something incredible. The company has created what they claim to be India’s fastest and most powerful Mitsubishi Cedia.

India’s Most Insane Mitsubishi Cedia

The video showing the completely modified Mitsubishi Cedia sedan has been shared by Race Concepts on their page. It starts off with the presenter introducing the car and stating that this particular car makes around 400 bhp, which is more than any other modified Cedia in the country. He states that although their shop is famous for creating the most insane Honda Cars, their first car back in 2012 was a Mitsubishi Evo 4. He then goes on to talk about the Mitsubishi Cedia.

Modified Mitsubishi Cedia side

The presenter starts by stating that Mitsubishi in the late 1990s offered the Lancer in India, which was a great car. It was then followed by the Cedia in the mid-2000s.

However, despite being a good-looking car, it did not succeed in India. He elaborates that although it looked like the extremely sporty Evo 7, 8, and 9, the Cedia lacked a powerful yet efficient engine. He adds that the company could also not sort out their parts suppliers, and also because of poor strategy, the company failed to make Cedia a success in the country.

Modified Mitsubishi Cedia rear

How does it drive?

Modified Mitsubishi Cedia interior

Next up, the presenter takes a seat behind the steering of the Cedia and starts talking about the driving dynamics of this car. He first gives a glimpse of what it can do in terms of acceleration and shows that it reaches the speed of 165 km/h in just a moment. He then adds that it is currently in its low boost setting of 14-15 PSI and can be turned up to 20 PSI where it will make the full 400 bhp.

Following this, he talks about the driving characteristics of this modified Cedia. He states that the car, although struggling a little to put down this extremely high power, is still better than a lot of modified Hondas.

Engine modifications

Modified Mitsubishi Cedia engine

He adds that this car, because of its weight, delivers the power in a very linear manner and is extremely fun to drive. Following this, he then talks about the modifications done by them in the engine bay of this Cedia.

He starts by stating that the car has been given an aftermarket bolt-on strut bar to add rigidity to the chassis. Next up, he adds that the car has been given a custom exhaust system for the Garrett Turbo.

It also gets a wastegate, custom water lines, custom intake manifold, custom air filter, and a few other exterior mods including a new color and new blacked-out headlights. He concludes that apart from these mods, not much has been changed on the outside as well as the inside of the car.

Mitsubishi is on its way to a comeback in India, but its not Mitsubishi Motors – it is Mitsubishi Corporation. However, the renewed interest of Mitsubishi may lead to at least some imported cars, and perhaps better availability of spares for owners of the Pajero, Pajero Sport, Outlander and old Mitsubishi Lancers.

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