Modified Maruti Jimny with a 2-inch lift looks aggressive [Video]

As the number of Maruti Suzuki Jimnys in India is increasing day by day, new videos of this popular SUV fitted with custom accessories are also increasing. In the past few days, we have seen a ton of modified Jimnys, and recently another video of a lifted Maruti Suzuki Jimny has been shared online. This particular Jimny has been given a 2-inch lift kit and also some meaty all-terrain tires along with a host of other modifications.

The video of this modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny has been shared on YouTube by Ride With Bhawna on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter stating that there are a ton of videos of Maruti Suzuki Jimny on YouTube and there are also a ton of videos of this SUV modified, but she states that there is no other video which has these exact modifications. She mentions that this particular Jimny has been modified to do only one thing, and that is serious off-roading. The presenter mentions that this is the top-spec variant of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny which costs around Rs 15.76 lakh ex-showroom and has been fully customized with a ton of off-road accessories.

Following the brief introduction, the presenter of the video then starts off at the front of this particular Jimny and mentions that this car has been modified by Azad 4X4 and has been given a whole new front fascia. She states that this Jimny has been given an all-new front grille which now gets the full Suzuki lettering instead of just the S emblem. She then adds that the car has also been given a massive matte black scoop on the bonnet as well. Now, whether this scoop is functional or not has not been revealed by the presenter in the video.

Next up, the presenter shows the custom metal bumper by Overland and mentions that it comes available with a set of additional LED lights by PIAA. She also adds that this Jimny also gets a tow attachment on the front. She then shows the side profile of the vehicle and mentions that the SUV has been given a 2-inch lift, and the lift kit has come from Dobinsons.

Moving on, she mentions that the car also gets a much bigger set of tires which are now 235 inches in diameter. She adds that the alloy wheels of the stock car have been retained. After the wheels, the presenter shows the functional engine snorkel on the side of the Jimny which has been attached at the driver’s side A-pillar. She states that if someone were to drive this car into a river, the engine would not clog up with water as it has been given this functional snorkel.

Modified Maruti Jimny with a 2-inch lift looks aggressive [Video]

Following this, the presenter then moves behind to the side profile, and before doing that, she adds that the side mirror covers have been given new LED lights for turn indicators. She then states that apart from this subtle change, the car has been kept original on the side. She then moves to the rear of the car and states that at the rear of this particular Jimny, a step ladder and a custom metal bumper have been added, just like the front. She adds that the rear also gets a tow hitch attachment.

Lastly, the presenter moves to the interior of the SUV and mentions that the company which has modified the exterior of the Jimny has also added a few new accessories on the inside. She mentions that a tray has been added on top of the instrument cluster, two cup holders have been added in front of the side air conditioner vents, and lastly, a center armrest has also been added. The presenter mentions that a throttle response improvement kit worth Rs 17,000 has also been added to this SUV. In the end, the presenter mentions that the total cost of additional accessories on this SUV is around Rs 4-4.5 lakh.

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