MN AG Keith Ellison's Ridiculous Comment on Automakers Whose Cars Are 'Tempting' Young People to Steal

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We’ve seen a lot of bad approaches to crime from those on the left, particularly from progressive prosecutors who seem to want to upend the enforcement of the law. We’ve been seeing it a lot lately — people who are let out who never should have been let out and then go on to commit horrific crimes. 

There’s a frequent failure to hold bad actors responsible. We see in the cases of gun crimes, for example, where the fault somehow is on the gun, the NRA, or the Republican Party rather than on the bad actor and the people who haven’t held him responsible in the past for his bad acts. Somehow, it’s the evil gun’s fault. 

Now we have another entrant into this bizarre kind of thinking from Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. 

You may recall the progressive Ellison, who previously was a representative from Minnesota and the Deputy Chair of the DNC. Remember this picture? 

As indicated, he’s now the Minnesota Attorney General. And here’s what he has to say on the subject of young people stealing cars. Whose fault is it? He has some novel thoughts about who is “tempting” the kids to swipe the cars.

“But we have to go upstream, and we got to make sure that the automobiles are not so easy to steal that they are a tempting, attractive nuisance for young people. Right now we are investigating two major automakers because their cars are dramatically too easy to steal for young people,” he claimed.

He wasn’t kidding; he has been targeting Kia and Hyundai. 

That wasn’t all.

Ellison continued to take the blame off of criminals, suggesting law enforcement needed to go after others on the “chain of criminality.”

“We have to go upstream on crime and not just say we are going to only deal with the criminals, the people on the street. There are a lot of people involved in the chain of criminality, starting sometimes for people who are members of the country club, resulting in tragic circumstances for victims on the street,” he continued.

How? It seems like it’s everyone’s fault except the person who is actually committing the crime and stealing the car — you know, the real criminal here. The car doesn’t get stolen without the thief. 

But this is the bizarre thought of the progressive where the “country club” guy and the carmakers are somehow responsible. 

Ellison also said this should be less about “throwing people in jail.” 

“We also have got to understand that it is not all about punishment all the time. Sometimes it is about giving people another opportunity,” he argued, pointing to preventative measures like making sure kids stay in school.

Yes, we see a lot of that: progressives letting people out of jail, giving them another “opportunity”…to commit more crime. 

And while he’s targeting people who didn’t break the law, he could be targeting people who did. 

That’s insane. It’s a way of blaming someone/something other than the bad actor, and as always for the left, somehow blaming corporations/the rich for crimes. 

Many, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), weighed in on how insane this take was. But it’s so emblematic of the left. 


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