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Having spent countless hours in homeowners’ living rooms as a former agent, I’ve witnessed firsthand the unique objectives of each seller; no two situations are alike. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers expect convenience at their fingertips. The key is to be a problem-solver, offering tailored solutions that fit each customer perfectly. That’s why I founded Offerpad – to continue providing the most innovative seller and buyer solutions to consumers across the country.

Throughout Offerpad’s journey, I’ve remained committed to providing real estate agents with access to our consumer-focused products. Through our Agent Partnership Program, agents can leverage our cash offer that provides their sellers with a secured buyer, flexible closing dates and free local moves. Plus, the agents receive a 3 percent referral fee. Our program has seen remarkable success, with agents consistently expressing appreciation for our shared goals and the distinct advantages it offers over other lead programs.

With tremendous feedback and adoption from the agent community, we recently announced a significant expansion to our Agent Partnership Program. This expansion adds multiple tiers of engagement, new commission opportunities, more tools and resources and more benefits — and even exclusive opportunities unique to the industry.

Starting this month, we’ve added a new PRO tier and the invite-only MAX tier. Both tiers offer agents our unmatched 3 percent compensation when Offerpad purchases a home from their client. For the first time, agents can now list the same property while retaining their own signage. This presents a unique opportunity for agents to enhance their self-exposure, attracting more buyer and seller leads in the process. Furthermore, both tiers provide access to Offerpad Renovate, our in-house renovation services, allowing agents to elevate a seller’s list price before listing.

For current and future top-performing agents, the MAX tier fosters a closer relationship with Offerpad through mutually beneficial offerings such as access to rich market data and “zone” exclusivity within their markets or multiple markets. Moreover, these agents will receive an exclusive sneak peek of homes purchased by Offerpad before they are listed. There is nothing like this program in the industry today! 

The evolution of our Agent Partnership Program underscores our dedication to fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for real estate professionals. We prioritize growth, collaboration and mutual success while ensuring the customer experience remains open to a diverse range of solutions tailored to their needs.

As the real estate landscape evolves, our commitment remains steadfast: to pioneer innovation that enhances homeownership. We’re driving positive change, fostering a dynamic marketplace where buyers and sellers can navigate with ease. Through cooperation and transparency, we’re setting a new industry standard, proving that technological advancements and modern business models can seamlessly complement traditional practices. This approach prioritizes the consumer’s needs while also supporting agents, fostering a collaborative environment for mutual success. 

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