Maruti Jimny Sales Double From Last Month To 322 Units, Mahindra Thar Sells 5,812 units

After experiencing a very poor month of sales in January of this year, Maruti Suzuki has announced that this month they have sold a total of 322 units of the Jimny. This figure is almost double last month’s 163 units that it sold. On the other hand, Jimny’s direct rival, the Mahindra, sold a total of 5,812 units of its lifestyle off-roader Thar.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny February Sales Analysis

As mentioned above, in the month of February, the company managed to dispatch a total of 322 units. There is no reference to last year’s sales as the model was not launched in February last year. However, in the month of January, the company sold the least number of Jimny units at 163. Considering this, the month-on-month growth of Jimny sales was a staggering 97 percent.

Mahindra Thar February Sales Analysis

Mahindra Thar Vs Maruti Suzuki Jimny drag race front

Coming to Jimny’s direct competitor, Mahindra Thar, the company managed to sell a total of 5,812 units in February. As for the year-on-year growth, it stood at a decent 16.1 percent as the sales last year in the same month were 5,004 units. Coming to the month-on-month analysis, the sales saw a decline of 4.1 percent as sales in January 2024 were at 6,059 units.

Why is the Maruti Suzuki Jimny suffering from low sales?

Prior to the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, there was a huge amount of hype in the country. However, not even a complete year after its launch, the sales of the Jimny have completely slumped. This has made a lot of people wonder what has gone wrong with the Jimny? Well, to answer this, here are a few reasons we believe the Jimny is performing so poorly in the sales charts.

Overstocked Maruti Suzuki Dealerships

Maruti Suzuki Jimny alpha vs zeta front

Maruti Suzuki anticipated that the Jimny would become a hot seller in the country, and because of this, they ramped up its production. However, this backfired, and because of the overproduction, there are a lot of units sitting at dealerships.

Now, because of these overstocked Maruti Suzuki dealerships, the wholesale dispatches of the Jimny have come down drastically. Most likely, when these dealer units are dispatched, there will be a slight increase in the sales of these models.

Jimny is unable to find non-enthusiast buyers

jimny off-roading-1

Prior to the official launch of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny in India, there was a lot of demand from true off-roading and adventure enthusiasts. These off-road junkies were waiting for the launch for more than a decade. However, after the much-anticipated launch, many of these people bought their dream SUVs.

However, after all of these enthusiasts picked up their Jimnys, the initial surge in sales died down, which made way for a period of stagnation. Now, the current sales trends indicate a reliance on appealing to non-enthusiast consumers, who do not find the Jimny as attractive as its dedicated fan base.

Normal car buyers do not find the Maruti Suzuki Jimny as attractive as it offers a less desirable road presence, fewer engine options, and a higher pricing. On the other hand, the Mahindra Thar, which offers a broader range of variants including 2WD, automatic and manual transmissions, as well as petrol and diesel engine options, has become a more desirable option for normal car buyers.

Mahindra Thar five-door is also on its way

2024 Mahindra Thar Armada five-door rendering

Apart from the already popular three-door Thar, Mahindra is also gearing up for the launch of the new Thar five-door. This has also become a major contributing factor to the lackluster sales of Jimny as people looking to buy a more practical off-roader are waiting for the Thar five-door’s launch slated for later this year.

With the new Thar five-door, Mahindra will be addressing all the impractical problems that the outgoing three-door Thar has. Recent spottings of the Thar five-door on the Indian roads have made people a lot more excited, and hence, people are waiting for it with even more anticipation.

No year-end discounts on the Jimny

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Thunder Edition

The Jimny sales picked up traction in September of last year when Maruti Suzuki was offering its elusive year-end discounts. These discounts ranged from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.21 lakh and because of this, a lot of buyers got attracted. However, when in January the company stopped offering any discounts, people stopped buying this SUV, stating that it seemed a little overpriced.

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