Maruti Grand Vitara And Fronx Available At 1 Lakh Discount But There’s A Catch

Maruti Suzuki has been offering significant discounts on several popular models, particularly on unsold Model Year (MY) 2023 Nexa vehicles. These deals aim to clear the unsold dealer inventory which has seen a rise in recent months.

Why the discounts?

According to industry sources, dealers were pushed high volumes of stock towards the end of 2023 to clear factory inventory. However, the sales numbers were less, leaving dealerships with excess stock of model year 2023 vehicles. To address this issue and to clear the stock, aggressive year-end schemes were implemented and these attractive offers have continued into 2024.

Unsold MY2023 stock leading to deals

A significant number of MY2023 Maruti Suzuki vehicles remain unsold across the country with the dealers. This has caused cash flow issues for dealers which have hindered their ability to purchase newer MY2024 models. Due to this, most of the MY2023 Maruti Suzuki models continue to be available with exciting consumer offers.

Current offers on MY2023 Nexa models

Maruti Suzuki fronx
Maruti Suzuki fronx

As reported earlier this month, unsold MY2023 Grand Vitara hybrid and Fronx turbo-petrol variants are available with benefits of Rs 79,000 and Rs 83,000, respectively. Additionally, most Maruti dealers are offering an extra Rs 50,000 cash discount on all models to further boost sales. This brings the total benefit on the MY2023 Grand Vitara and Fronx variants to a minimum of Rs 1.30 lakh.

Similarly, MY2023 Ignis and Ciaz models come with official discounts of Rs 61,000 and Rs 48,000, respectively. However, real-world checks reveal that both models are being offered with over Rs 1 lakh in discounts at most dealerships.

maruti jimny cartoq suv of the year

The highest discounts are currently available on the MY2023 Jimny. Besides the official Rs 1.50 lakh discount, Maruti Suzuki also temporarily reduced prices on the Thunder Edition to boost sales. While the Thunder Edition offers are no longer available, dealers are still offering an additional Rs 50,000 discount on top of the official offer. However, MY2023 Jimny stock is scarce, with most discounted units already purchased, resulting in savings of around Rs 3.5 lakh compared to the original sticker price.

It’s crucial to remember that these discounts are primarily intended for clearance purposes. While the reduced price might be enticing, potential buyers, especially those planning to sell their car within the next 3-5 years, should consider the impact on resale value. Since the car will be a year older, it might fetch a lower price compared to a newer MY2024 model. However, for those who intend to keep the vehicle for a longer period, say more than five years, the resale value depreciation might even out over time. Therefore, the significant discounts being offered can be seen as a sweetener but the potential resale value impact should be carefully weighed before making a purchase decision.


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