Man Bursting Crackers Near Petrol Bunk In Karnataka Is Plain Stupid [Video]

We come across several videos on the internet where people are seen playing with not just their own lives but also others’. Some of them do it intentionally while others unknowingly. Everyone reading this article knows that the combination of fire and fuel or petrol is extremely dangerous. Here we have a video where a man was seen bursting fireworks on the road extremely close or right next to a petrol pump in Karnataka.

The video has been shared by Mundodi Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded on 31 March 2024 on Mysore-Hinkal Layout. In this video that is only 23 seconds long, we see a man standing in the middle of the road with a firecracker. It is one of those crackers that shoot fireworks at equal intervals.

Initially, it looked like a usual video but then you notice the HP petrol pump on the left-hand side. The man had actually lighted the firework right in front of the petrol pump. It is extremely dangerous and we all know the reason why. The man doesn’t seem to care about the petrol pump or the danger at all. There are men standing right outside the pump and recording video.

We are not sure if any of the employees at the pump came forward and asked the man to not fire the cracker. There are so many things that could have gone wrong in this case. There have been cases where the fireworks have burst even before the whole thing could go up in the air. Such accidents can happen to anyone, thankfully in this case, nothing like that happened.

Bursting cracker in front of petrol pump

However, if something like that had happened, then it would have completely destroyed the whole area. It would have been a disaster. Even a small spark from the firework can lead to a major fire. We have seen several cases in the past where a small spark has caused fire in vehicles during refueling.

This video is just another example that shows how one must not behave on the road. The firecracker was placed right in the middle of the road in front of the petrol pump. It was creating inconvenience for road users. We all know that petrol is highly inflammable, and doing such stunts right next to a petrol pump can be extremely dangerous.

Petrol is a volatile liquid, and it forms vapors at regular temperatures. The mixture of petrol and air can be extremely dangerous as it can instantly catch fire. Petrol is so flammable that people are advised not to use phones while they are at petrol stations.

It is not clear whether the person who was seen with the firework was identified. It is a serious lapse from the authorities, and they should actually check the footage from the CCTV installed at the petrol station to identify the offender and take necessary action against him if not already taken.

Doing such stunts on public roads is extremely dangerous. The man was not only putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users. There have been instances where petrol pump attendants have taken necessary steps to avoid catastrophe in the past.

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