Joe Biden Needs to Fire Everyone Who Approved Last Night's Speech

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I feel comfortable writing this because I know the Democrats aren’t reading RedState dot com and taking advice from me. I’m just a senior editor at a far-right website. What do I know?

To be fair, I know some of y’all ask that last question about me, too, but like Elton John in his heyday, I’m still standing.

Anyway, we have covered pretty extensively President Joe Biden’s remarks last night, and the Special Counsel report he was responding to. The report was as damning for Biden as it was hilarious for those of us who have been pointing out just how much his mind has deteriorated. Sure, it’s kind of not cool that he isn’t facing charges while Donald Trump is (though, in the interest of fairness, Trump was charged for lying to and withholding documents from a grand jury). 

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Last night’s address from the White House, however, was nothing short of a disaster for Joe Biden, and anyone working for him who thought it was a good idea, encouraged it, and helped him prepare needs to be fired right away. This isn’t sympathy for Biden or hope that the Democrats change their ways. This isn’t me wishing for Biden to get a better team so that he can beat Trump (I have thankfully never been approached by The Bulwark to write for them).

Rather, this is me pointing out a fact that has long been obvious but after last night is so painfully obvious that it physically hurts: The people working for Joe Biden are so unequipped to deal with the real world and don’t seem to understand how to run the office of the most powerful person in the world.

When you have a report that is as damning about the sitting President’s mental faculties as Robert Hur’s was, you don’t immediately go out and prove him right. In the same fiery speech where he defended his failing mental capacity, he also once again confused world leaders, referring to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “President of Mexico.” You don’t give the frustrated, aging man a chance to yell at reporters or insult them. You put out a statement rebuking the claims Hur made in the strongest terms, and then you immediately go back to doing presidenty stuff like running the country.

But, instead, Biden’s handlers either couldn’t talk him down or actively encouraged him to make this public speech, and the White House seemed to think he would prove to America that he’s still got it when he clearly does not.

This is not the management style it takes to run a country. Biden is both a doddering old fool and an egomaniac incapable of knowing or understanding his limits. This is the one issue the Biden team and the Democrats can’t craft some kind of campaign strategy around. This is an issue that they have to do their best to mitigate or ignore, and they can’t do that. If they can’t manage Biden’s worst instincts (all of them?), then how can they say they can manage a country?

When people say the country is doomed, it’s usually because of some policy or another. But if the country is doomed, it isn’t because of some leftist policy that will destroy all Americanism as we know it. It’s going to be because a bunch of academics with no idea how the real world works cannot keep a mentally unfit old man from destroying everything he touches. It’s going to be irreparably harmed ecause he cannot understand his own limits nor will he let anyone actually help him.

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