Jimny With Mods Worth 36 Lakh: This is IT! [Video]

Over the last few months, we have featured numerous modified Maruti Suzuki Jimnys here on Cartoq. However, this particular Jimny is hands down the craziest one of them all. This Jimny from Moving Metal Garages has modifications worth over Rs 36 lakh. Yes, you heard that right. The entire cost of this build is equal to the price of three stock Jimnys. The recently shared video also shows a glimpse of its off-road capabilities as well.

Jimny modified with over Rs 36 lakh mods

This video of the most insanely modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny has come courtesy of Small Town Rider from YouTube. It starts off with the presenter introducing the modified Jimny. He states that this Jimny, immediately upon delivery, was cut up from behind to create this unique one-off car.

Next up, he introduces the owner of this Jimny. The vlogger mentions that this Jimny has been created by Moving Metal Garages from Jammu Kashmir. Following the introduction, the owner of the shop and this Jimny lists all the modifications done on this SUV.

Modifications done on this Jimny

He starts by showing the front end of this car, which gets a full custom metal bumper. The owner highlights that the original bumper and towing points were not strong enough. So, they have created a custom chassis-mounted towing point. The bumper also has a 12 lbs winch for recovery.

It also gets multiple high-end LED lights mounted on the metal bumper. Moving on, the owner highlights that as the factory differentials were very weak. They have replaced them with Dana 44 independent differential. It also gets chromoly axles.

Rs 30 lakh modified Jimny dana 44

In addition, the owner adds that they have also added rear disc brakes on this Jimny. Also, to use these brakes efficiently, it also gets a hydraulic brake inside as well. This Jimny also gets Lambda differential lockers that are compatible with the Dana 44s.

He then talks about the suspension of the car. As per the owner, this Jimny has been given a six-inch lift kit. The owner adds that it also sits on massive 32.8-inch tires which add to the height of the SUV. In total, it is over 9 inches taller than any stock Jimny. Here’s another insane Jimny!

Rs 30 lakh modified Jimny

Apart from this, the owner mentions that the SUV has not been given any major performance modification. It only gets a free-flowing exhaust manifold and a valvetronic exhaust system. He added that they have created a custom bonnet as well. This has been done to accommodate a new intercooler once the car gets a turbo kit later on.

Interior modifications

Rs 30 lakh modified Jimny roll cage

Before showing the interior modifications, the presenter shows the roof-mounted LED lights of this Jimny. Next up, he shows the interior of this custom build. The owner mentions that it is the only Jimny in the country to be fitted with an FMSCI – Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India approved six-points roll cage.

Rs 30 lakh modified Jimny rear dana 44

He adds that the roof is yet to be finished on the car. Moving on, he gives the real reason behind cutting up the rear section of this Jimny. He stated that all of the differentials are compressed air-operated. So, they had to make room for their 50-liter ARB air tank and compressor.

Rs 30 lakh modified Jimny side

After this, the owner shows the rear section of the car. It can be noted that the car has been given a custom roll cage in the rear. The owner adds that the car also gets a four-link rear suspension with Dana 44, Lambda lockers, and chromoly axles. It also gets dual disc brakes as well. In total, the car gets modifications worth over Rs 36 lakh.

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