ISRO scientist’s car in Bengaluru kicked by angry biker after the scientist ‘honked at him’ [Video]

There has been an uprise in incidents involving cars bearing out-of-state registration numbers in Bengaluru, Karnataka. In a recent incident, an ISRO scientist was harassed by an angry youngster on a scooter just outside his office. Aashish Lamba, the ISRO scientist himself complained about the rogue behaviour on social media and shared the incident’s video.

The new incident was recorded on the dashboard camera of the ISRO scientist. The video shows a short clip where a youngster on a TVS NTorq parks in front of the vehicle. He then abuses the scientist and kicks the car twice. The video does not show what happened beforehand though. We are unsure if there was a tussle between them before this incident or if the rider on the scooter decided to stop suddenly.

While the ISRO scientist complained and shared the video on the social media platform, it remains unclear if Bangalore Police has taken any action against him. The police have asked for the contact details of the scientist though.

Many such incidents in past

Another incident that happened earlier this year and as captured by the dashboard camera, shows two individuals on a Yamaha YZF-R15 obstructing the car’s path while throwing stones at it. Although the couple in the car initially manages to escape from the spot, the motorcyclists catch up to them in traffic, causing them to stop once more. Despite the car’s occupants declining to interact and opting to continue their journey, the bikers overtake them and bring them to a halt for the third time.

This incident occurred during daylight hours. After evading the situation twice, the bikers became agitated and attempted to forcibly remove the couple from their car during the third stoppage. They also tried to shatter the car window through repeated strikes. Both the culprits were arrested within a few hours.

Dashboard cameras are important

Dashboard cameras provide a versatile solution for recording incidents like accidents and criminal activities that occur on public roads. The recorded footage serves as crucial evidence, simplifying the process of initiating insurance claims. Additionally, advanced dashboard cameras are equipped with motion-detection technology, enabling them to capture any attempts at tampering with the vehicle.

Choosing to invest in a dashboard camera is a commendable step towards enhancing road safety and reducing the potential escalation of hazardous situations.

Dashboard cameras have played an instrumental role in documenting accidents and exposing various fraudulent schemes. Instances include scenarios where individuals intentionally position themselves in front of vehicles to subsequently extort money from drivers.

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