Interesting and Fun Facts About Indiana

Let’s take a look at some fun Indiana facts with our fun facts about Indiana printables so they can not only expand their historical knowledge but also get creative while doing so.

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Learning more about American states is fun!

Did you know that this midwestern state is the homeland of various native Americans, including the Shawnee, Piankashaw, and Chickasaw? Also, did you know that in Martinsville, the first successful goldfish farm in the U.S. was established over 100 years ago?

Indiana has many historic sites, and the state capital of Indianapolis is home to several important government buildings. Here are some more fascinating facts your kids will love.

Indiana Facts FOR KIDS

  1. Indiana, known as the Hoosier State, became the 19th state of the United States in 1816.
  2. The name “Indiana” means “Land of the Indians,” as it was home to several Native American tribes for thousands of years before European settlement.
  3. Indianapolis, the largest city and capital of Indiana, is nicknamed the “Crossroads of America” because of its central location among US states and central location at the junction of four major Interstate Highways: Interstate 65, Interstate 69, Interstate 70, and Interstate 74.
  4. The Iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts the famous Indy 500, one of the oldest long-distance auto races in the world.
  5. Indiana is a perfect place for those who love nature: it touches Lake Michigan and is home to 3 national parks including the Indiana Dunes National Park.
Screenshot of a Black and white facts about Indiana printables with drawings to go with each fact for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
There’s so much to learn about Indiana. It’s a fascinating place!
  1. There’s a town in Indiana named Santa Claus that celebrates Christmas year-round and receives thousands of letters addressed to Santa every year.
  2. Indiana played a role in the Underground Railroad, assisting runaway slaves in their journey to freedom before the Civil War.
  3. Many famous people were born in Indiana, including Michael Jackson, James Dean, David Letterman, and even Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC!
  4. The first professional baseball game was played in Fort Wayne, Indiana, by the Fort Wayne Kekiongas in 1871.
  5. The Indiana state flag features a torch symbolizing liberty and enlightenment, while the state seal showcases a woodsman and a bison.
Screenshot of a Black and white facts about Indiana printables with drawings to go with each fact for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Indiana is home to many famous people, including the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders!

Bonus facts:

  • The 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, was a resident of southern Indiana for seven years during his childhood.
  • The state flower of Indiana is the peony, which was adopted as such in 1957.
  • Larry Bird, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, was born in Indiana.
  • The Empire State Building, one of the most famous structures in America, is built from Indiana limestone.
  • During the American Civil War, Indiana fought on the side of the Union. While it was still not a state during the Revolutionary War, a significant battle of that conflict took place at Fort Vincennes. 


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Interesting Indiana Facts Printables


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