India’s Cow Dung Cars – Maruti Alto To Mahindra XUV500 – But Do They Work?

Summers have already started in most North Indian states, and people have begun looking for ways to keep their cars cool on the inside. A few years ago, we came across a trend where people started plastering their cars with cow dung. This was and is still considered an ultimate way to beat the heat by many people. Here, we have a list of cars that were plastered in cow dung by their owners.

Toyota Corolla

This was probably the first example of a car covered in cow dung in India. The car was completely plastered with cow dung, and the person who did the job did it neatly, taking care of the gaps between the panels.

Maruti Ignis

Ignis plastered with cow dung

The Ignis owner actually prepared his car for a rally in Raipur city. In order to make his car look different from others, he put a coat of cow dung on his Ignis hatchback. Surprisingly, the Ignis owner won the first prize in the competition.

Mahindra XUV500

XUV500 plastered with cow dung
XUV500 plastered with cow dung

Dr. Navnath Dudhal, a senior doctor at Tata Cancer Hospital, Mumbai, decided to get his Mahindra XUV500 completely covered in cow dung. He applied three coats of cow dung to his car. What made him do this? Well, he claimed that he stumbled upon this idea as he regularly studies cow urine to know how it benefits cancer patients.

Maruti Omni

Omni plastered with cow dung
Omni plastered with cow dung

The Maruti Omni owner from Pune covered his minivan in cow dung to beat the heat. Except for the bumper and the ORVMs, everything else was completely covered in cow dung.

Toyota Innova

Innova plastered with cow dung
Innova plastered with cow dung

This Toyota Innova also belongs to Dr. Navnath Dudhal. He completely coated a Toyota Innova with cow dung for a wedding. Other than his claims of cow dung curing cancer and removing illness from the body, he also used this opportunity to promote the benefits of cow dung, as it reduces the cabin temperature.

Hyundai i20

I20 plastered with cow dung
I20 plastered with cow dung

This previous generation i20 was spotted in a parking lot in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh. It is said that the car belonged to a devotee. Just like all the other cars on the list, this car was also completely plastered in cow dung.

Maruti Alto 800

Another doctor from Madhya Pradesh also did something similar. He coated his Alto 800 hatchback with cow dung to keep the temperature inside the car cabin low during summers.

Is Cow Dung Treatment Effective?

In theory, it looks like a great plan to reduce the cabin temperature during summers. Cow dung and straw were used to plaster the exterior and interior walls of houses in many villages. The main reason behind that was because cow dung and straw capture moisture, bringing down the temperature inside the houses during summer.

However, when you apply the same logic to cars, there are a few things that don’t look great. Cars are made of metal sheets, which tend to heat up when parked outside. It might bring down the cabin temperature, but it is not going to be so effective that you would stop using the AC in your car.

On a hot sunny day, the owners may have to pour water on the cow dung to retain the moisture and bring down the cabin temperature. However, if you do this regularly, some of the body panels may start rusting. There is also a risk of damaging the paint on your car. Just like bird droppings, if cow dung sits on the body panel for long, it may cause permanent discoloration.

Also, it should be noted that the major cause of the heat in your cabin is because of the air trapped inside the cabin. Applying cow dung is not going to help in this case. Above all, it completely ruins the look of the car. To conclude, we would not suggest you take such measures to make your cabin cool.

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