Indiana AG Launches Awesome Initiative to End Public School Indoctrination

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The Attorney General of Indiana has launched an interesting initiative to prevent the progressive indoctrination of children in public schools.

In an interview with The Daily Signal, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced the launch of an online portal in which parents can monitor content of potential concern. 

“This is a tool to empower parents in their dealings with their own school system so they can better raise their kids, which is their job and not the schools,” Rokita told the Signal. 

Rokita said that he felt the need to take action after parents sent him lesson plans showing how their children were being taught critical race theory and other far-left ideas:

“Parents were sending me lesson plans,” he explained. “This is around the time that we were calling out critical race theory and this social [and] emotional learning that was being taught to teachers and then teachers to the students, and it was corrupting the whole educational experience.”

When Indiana officials tried to challenge teachers on the use of such material, many denied that they were using it. The portal was, therefore, designed to help parents collect proof of what was really going on in the classroom with the use of screenshots, lesson plans, emails, and more.

Rokita continued:

So either these parents are part of a huge conspiracy and making all this stuff up, as the teachers and principals and school board members would have you believe, or there’s really something going on—even in good ol’ Indiana. So we’ve been collecting these different submissions for about the last year and a half.

I’m not going to go and start investigating schools. No. 1, I don’t have the statutory authority to go in there. But this is going to be a portal, a transparent portal where we can cut through the rumor mill.

Such measures are an obvious repsonse to the growing number of public school teachers who believe they can weaponize the school classroom to indoctrinate children with their progressive worldview. 

Despite being a heavily conservative state, various investigations have found evidence of disturbing practices across Indiana’s public schools. 

Last year, the campaign group Accuracy in Media released undercover footage of school administrators at five Indiana schools boasting about how they had incorporated critical race theory into their curriculum while deceiving parents about their intent. Two of these administrations have since left their positions. 

Meanwhile, The Daily Signal has exposed at least one high school with a formulated policy of supporting students suffering from gender dysphoria and helping them to hide this information from their parents. 

To the surprise of nobody, Rokita’s plan has not gone down well with all teachers. The Indiana Capital Chronicle reported that numerous school officials have already complained that they were not made aware of the portal’s launch and that all the published claims had not been appropriately “vetted.” 

Among those criticizing the move was Democratic State Rep. Ed DeLaney, who complained that the portal is “causing enormous problems” among school communities.

“If there’s someone in those school districts who’s unhappy, they should be encouraged to go to the authorities in that school district. (Rokita) does not have a roving policy to investigate anything that he thinks is wrong,” DeLaney told the Chronicle. “I just think he’s way out of bounds.”

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