Indian Bride Riding KTM Is Breaking The Internet [Video]

People posting videos and images on social media to gain publicity has become a very common thing lately. While there are some who create great content, we also come across several videos where people or creators use cars and bikes as props to pull off some dangerous stunts. Here, we have a video where a girl, dressed as an Indian bride, is seen riding a KTM RC sports bike.


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A post shared by Kajal Dutta (@_rider_girl_kajal_)

The video was shared by Kajal Dutta on her personal Instagram page. Upon checking her profile, we found that most of her videos are about bikes and riding them while wearing Indian attire, mostly sarees. In this particular video, we see her dressed up as a bride. However, we are not sure if she was actually getting married or if she dressed up just for the sake of the video.

In this video, we see Kajal riding a KTM RC390 motorcycle, which is the first generation RC bike. It looks like she has been doing this for a very long time, as she appeared extremely comfortable riding the bike, especially in the saree. One thing you would notice in this video is that she is not wearing a helmet.

However, it seems her followers don’t care about this at all. We understand that the rider might not have worn the helmet to avoid covering her face or ruining her makeup. However, we don’t think this is a good enough reason to put your life at risk.


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A post shared by Kajal Dutta (@_rider_girl_kajal_)

She did this just for the sake of the video, as is evident from the clip. The video was being recorded by a person who was riding in front of her. This is not the only video on this account. Besides this, we also see a video in which she is wearing the same attire and riding a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle.

This raises further doubts about whether it was actually a publicity stunt or if she was actually getting married. In the second video, we see her following a similar pattern, not wearing a helmet and riding on a public road.

Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is illegal and you can be fined for it. The girl was aware of this and smartly removed the registration numbers of both her bikes so that no one could trace them. Most of the comments under the video are appreciating the girl for her riding skills, and we could not find anyone mentioning the missing helmet. Both these videos have garnered over 50,000 likes online.

girl riding KTM without helmet

Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet is extremely dangerous. A helmet can save you from head injuries in case of an accident. If you really want to create such videos or do stunts, look for private tracks or closed roads to avoid inconvenience to other road users. This is not the first time we have seen something like this on the internet.

In the past, we have seen an Indian woman ride a Classic 350 wearing a saree. We also have a video where two girls are seen riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle while wearing heels.

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