“I am NOT a Princess!” Little Girl Argues with Her Daddy [Video]

It appears that there are specific criteria to being a princess.

The crown seems obvious to me…

Even the beautiful dress…

To be a princess you need specific things…

Well, I am not a total expert on princesses, so let’s go to someone who is…

Is this little girl not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?  

Cute as a button!  

Her Daddy has nicknamed her “Princess” and while acting like the princess she is, she will have none of it!

girl arguing that she is not a princess screenshot from video
There are a lot of reasons why I am not a princess…

Listen to her logic as she tries to explain to her Dad what real princesses look like.

Take a look!

I am Not a Princess Video

Princesses always wear crown.  

They do NOT take showers or baths because they NEVER get dirty.

If you love cute kids…

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Are you a princess according to the new established criteria?

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