How To Fall Correctly From A Motorcycle – 5 Tips [Video]

Any person who rides a motorcycle has at least fallen once in their lifetime, if not more. Falling off from a bike can happen anywhere and at any time, and a few times this falling can also cause injuries. If someone has fallen while riding the bike, they can even sustain more serious injuries. However, what if we tell you that there are tips that can help you in falling properly? Would you believe us? If not, then you can read these tips for yourself.

Never put your leg out to control the bike

The first and the worst thing that people do just before losing their balance is they use their legs. However, it is not how you should control your bike. This might work when riding lighter motorcycles.

However, if you are riding a heavier bike and you try to put your leg down, most likely it will result in the bike falling on your leg. It could come under the exhaust or the entire bike’s weight could end up on your leg. So always try to avoid putting your leg out.

Don’t put your palm on the front

If you are falling down from a motorcycle, try to avoid putting your palms in front. This is because if you are not wearing your gloves, palms can easily get scratched and it could also lead to a fracture.

Additionally, if the impact of the fall is hard enough, it can also break the forearm and even cause shoulder damage as well. Try to angle your arm during a fall. In this way, you can efficiently transfer the impact and protect the other parts. As for your arm, it can be protected by the riding gear.

How to properly fall from bike

Don’t give up!

We are not saying this philosophically; rather, we are saying this literally. Before falling due to lack of grip, experts suggest that you try to give a little more throttle or brake before you fall.

Sometimes this last effort can stabilize your vehicle and help you avoid a crash. However, if you still fall, you could avoid falling from a more steep angle and land a little softly.

Protect your head

Helmet-mounted camera

This is probably one of the most important tips that you should remember. The head is the most crucial part of the human body, and always try to protect it when falling down. The best way to do this is by wearing a helmet. As for the time of a crash or a fall, try to tuck in your head to avoid major jerks.

Wear proper riding gear

Like helmets protect your head, a high-quality riding suit can protect other parts of your body. Always try to ride your motorcycle with proper suit which covers your hands, legs, chest, and knees.

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Also, one of the most overlooked yet important parts of a riding suit are the boots. When falling or crashing, the most amount of impact is suffered by legs. So try to get the best quality riding boots and knee pads for protection.

We understand that falling from a bike is inevitable. However, you can implement these tips to avoid any major injuries. And that in itself should is a very important thing when learning to ride.

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