Horror Movie Daycare Shows That Even Scary Kids Need Love [Video]

If you have a little time on your hands, chances are you’re going to be revisiting some of your favorite horror movies.

We all do it.


Nothing’s more fun than a good jump scare in the dark.

But the worst part of horror movies?

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Not that guy with the hockey mask, or that woman who starts fires with her mind, no, it’s the creepy kids.

Horror Movie Daycare Screenshot of two kids

Turns out they’re not all that creepy!

At least, according to this video.

Horror movie kids need love, too.

A nice safe place to play, a warm environment in which to grow, and naps.

Horror Movie Daycare nap time screenshot from video

Thank goodness there’s the Horror Movie Daycare!

They provide everything from nap time to cuddles, even warm soup for lunch!

Horror Movie Daycare adults - screenshot from movie video

So don’t think of the Children of the Corn as terrifying blonde kids standing there and staring.

Think of them as kids who probably need some recess and art therapy.

Horror Movie Daycare kids sitting in circle time screenshot from video movie

I mean, but they ARE still horror movie kids, so of course their version of all these things might be just a ‘little’ different than other kids…

Take a look!

Video Horror Movie Daycare

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What did you think of the horror movie?

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