Here's What Happens When You Call Your Credit Card Concierge

If you feel like there’s never enough time in the day, you probably wouldn’t mind having personal assistants to help with tasks. You might already have access to this without even knowing it.

Many credit cards offer a concierge service. When you call your credit card concierge, you can request assistance with all kinds of tasks, from planning what to do on your vacation to booking dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant.

Not everyone takes advantage of this benefit or even knows their card offers it. If you haven’t used it yet, here’s what to expect.

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What happens when you call your credit card concierge

If it’s your first time calling your concierge, you may need to set up a profile. You only need to provide some basic information, so it doesn’t take long.

Once you’ve done that, you can make your request. People often wonder what exactly they can request from a concierge, and the answer is almost anything (as long as it’s legal). Here are some examples of what you could ask your concierge to do:

  • Make reservations at a restaurant, spa, or anywhere else you want to visit
  • Provide recommendations in your area for any service you need, such as a hair stylist or auto mechanic
  • Find a gift for someone you know and have it delivered to them
  • Give you ideas for things to do on a vacation

Basically, if it’s something you don’t want to do yourself or can’t do yourself, your concierge may be able to help. It could be something simple, like if you need to find a pet sitter in your area and don’t want to spend time scouring Yelp. Or it could be something more difficult, like scoring reservations at a popular restaurant.

The concierge will ask you any questions they have to complete your request. For example, I once asked for help finding a hair stylist in a city in France. The concierge asked when I wanted the service and my budget. I also provided my address and let them know that I preferred a place close by.

If the concierge needs time to complete your request, they’ll ask about the best way to contact you. They’ll also let you know approximately how long it will take. Once they’ve completed it, you’ll get an email or a call, depending on the contact method you chose.

Concierge service is free, but you’ll be charged for any purchases you authorize them to make on your behalf. For example, if you ask your concierge to buy a gift for someone, the cost of the order will be charged to your credit card. The concierge will ask about your budget so they don’t buy anything out of your price range.

Credit cards with concierge service

Concierge service is a common benefit, especially on cards with annual fees. To see if your credit card has it, check the guide to benefits. You likely received one when you opened the card, and you can also probably find it online in your credit card account. Or you can call your card issuer to ask.

There are a few types of credit card concierge service, depending on the card you have:

Concierge service is an underused credit card perk. It doesn’t get nearly as much attention as travel rewards or big bonus offers. But it’s a convenient way to get help with certain tasks and save yourself some time.

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