Full Metal Maher: Host Goes Scorched Earth Over Biden’s Age, ‘Walks Like a Toddler With a Full Diaper’

Comedian/pundit Bill Maher didn’t hold back in mocking Joe Biden’s age Friday night, savagely mocking the octogenarian’s advancing years and all-too apparent mental decline. 

Opining from the set of his HBO show “Real Time,” Maher first pretended to deliver the State of the Union address using a walker for support, then said the 81-year old president walked like “a toddler with a full diaper” and needs to “let his old fart flag fly.”

Pretty funny stuff — but also straight on point as to what we’re witnessing. 


Maher started his nearly five-minute monologue by sounding the alarm to the Biden team that they have a real problem on their hands:

“If Democrats want to win the next presidential election, they need to find a way to make the Biden age issue work for them. Because you know what’s really getting old about Joe Biden? Complaining about his age,’” Maher started in his Friday night monologue.

But then he really let loose:

“Instead of trying to refute all the ‘too old to be president’ slams, Joe must embrace them. Stop with the ‘I’m sharper than ever.’ Nobody’s buying that. Don’t try to deny the age thing, lean into it. Lean in, lean in like you’re eating soup,’” Maher jokes. 

“And just admit it! Say, ‘Yes, I’m bad with names and I walk like a toddler with full diaper, but I believe in democracy.”‘

He went on, joking about Bidens penchant for falling and constantly tripping over things. “No one cares if you can ride a bike and trying to do stuff like that is only setting yourself up for failure,” he wisecracked. 

580e2fd3 cafa 4c98 b87a 72ef81180db5He even resorted to a little Borscht Belt humor:

“Be yourself! And Joe, yourself is old,” Maher said. “You’re so old you once fell down the stairs at the Underground Railroad. You’re so you’re so old, your bad kid with a drug problem is 54,” Maher quipped.

Maher can be frustrating at times — he’s often the only liberal voice left who will speak any sanity and has in recent years consistently spoken out against stupid woke progressive politics, but he’s also prone to head-scratching takes such as singing the praises of failed California Gov. Gavin Newsom. 


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But he’s dead on here — the leader of the most powerful country in the world is severely compromised, and the whole world can see it. Putin sees it, Xi sees it, Iran sees it. 

While Maher manages to make the situation funny here, it’s actually very scary, and the more people who call it out the better.

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