FORGE+BOND Introduces Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Bike Wheels and Accessories that Eliminates Waste

FORGE+BOND Introduces Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Bike Wheels and Accessories that Eliminates Waste

Revolutionary carbon fiber bike wheels and accessories by FORGE+BOND eliminate waste and offer sustainability.

June 19, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / – FORGE+BOND, a Utah-based manufacturer of carbon fiber bike wheels and accessories, introduces a revolutionary approach to cycling manufacturing with its cutting-edge proprietary material, FUSIONFIBER®. FORGE+BOND makes cycling components that can be made again and again, perpetually. The goal: WASTE NOTHING. Now, avid mountain bike and trail cycling enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite sport with guaranteed product durability and sustainability. 

FORGE+BOND’s production lab is a collective of gifted minds and lifelong riders and racers backed by top aerospace and professional auto racing engineers. The team possesses over one hundred years of cumulative carbon composite expertise and dedicates their products to quality and care in America. With this approach to cycling materials, resources, and time, FORGE+BOND seeks to establish a circular economy that eliminates waste and inspires people to follow the same mission.

FORGE+BOND’s patented FUSIONFIBER® material is a principal innovation, boasting cycling components that can always be made new. The sustainable material enables FORGE+BOND to manufacture high-performance carbon mountain bike wheels that stand out from conventional systems.  

FORGE+BOND-3“At FORGE+BOND, we view cycling as a showcase of power and strength,” said the company representative. “We wanted to provide avid cyclists with a way to enjoy their sport without worrying about durability and sustainability. Our carbon MTB wheels are some of the strongest, long-lasting wheels available on the market yet with a sustainable twist. Our accessory products like Handlebars, Seat Post, and Bottle Cages also use the same technology, making hobbyists excited about the possibilities that exist. With our approach, nothing ever goes to waste.”

FORGE+BOND’s carbon fiber technology is effective in every discipline. They create components for cross-country, enduro, downhill, gravel, road, and e-bikes. FORGE+BOND also ensures the components available in America are versatile and can fit most bikes with astonishing quality and affordability.

With unlimited potential applications, FORGE+BOND carbon mountain bike wheels excel in strength and performance. They are astoundingly impact resistant, comfortable, and smooth. The FUSIONFIBER® material maximizes the carbon fiber’s potential, eliminating the worry of frequent wheel repair. 

FORGE+BOND’s mountain bike wheels are an excellent option for backcountry and single-track riding enthusiasts. They can conquer the terrain and conditions with ease, and the wheels’ strength and delicacy protect riders from impact and unexpected injuries. The wheels’ design reduces debris buildup, providing optimal durability.

The FORGE+BOND carbon mountain bike wheels are lightweight, with less rotational mass and better overall performance. The wheels’ stress-optimized spoke system gives riders an edge over their peers. Paired with FORGE+BOND’s accessories using FUSIONFIBER®, like Handlebars, Seat Post, and Bottle Cages, avid cyclists can have a full cycling experience with the peace of mind that comes with environmentally friendly products. 

FORGE+BOND’s sustainability strategy provides the perfect solution for cycling enthusiasts who need their products to last for an extended period of time. The company’s approach has many product benefits for users; it increases the entire cycling experience, reduces the cost of frequent wheel maintenance and replacement, and helps extend the lifespan of the bicycle and the environment.

FORGE+BOND’s patented FUSIONFIBER® material is at the heart of its mission to provide cycling enthusiasts with sustainable, quality products to enhance and make their riding experiences last longer. FORGE+BOND is an excellent option for adventure enthusiasts who seek to combine durability and sustainability in their hobby. 


FORGE+BOND is a Utah-based manufacturer of carbon fiber bike wheels and accessories. The company’s material is FUSIONFIBER®, an innovative component that enables cycling components’ perpetual renewal. FORGE+BOND goes further to ensure sustainability, avoiding waste in materials, resources, and time. The company’s ultimate goal is to establish a circular economy that inspires others to do the same. Besides, the manufacturing process’s quality and care are what the company focuses on, with everything made in the USA, ensuring performance, durability, reliability, and sustainability.

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