Fauxfended Virginia Democrats Provide 'Exhibit A' for Why Republicans Should Avoid Apologizing

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As RedState reported, there was a bit of a commotion in the Virginia Senate Monday when Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears, a Republican, addressed a Democrat transgender state Senator, Danica Roem, as “sir” after Roem asked Earle-Sears a question during the course of a Senate session.

To briefly recap, according to reports, the so-called “misgendering” caused Roem to storm out in a huff, and after two recesses were reportedly called over eruptions from some of the Democratic Senators, Earle-Sears addressed the body, giving a pretty spectacular speech in which she essentially told members to grow up, that there was no intent to offend, and that they should afford her the same respect (but often don’t), before apologizing and urging everyone to move on to the People’s business.

For those who missed it, watch:

As one can see from the quotes used around the word “apology” in the above tweet, Virginia Democrats have not been very accepting of the apology. 

That was confirmed in a tweet posted by the state Democrat Party, noting twice in a huffy tone that they would “not forget” what Earle-Sears said:

“Apology or no apology, we will not forget this smear, @WinsomeSears. Show some respect for the position you have and don’t insult one of VA’s finest public servants from that dais. Again, we will not forget.”

Another Virginia Democrat voter who goes by the name Adrienne and who has “she/her” in her Twitter/X handle went even further:

As I was reading the Virginia Democrats’ response and that of others who were fauxfended by the exchange between Earle-Sears and Roem, I thought back to the late Andrew Breitbart’s “Apologize for WHAT?” philosophy and how the temper tantrums that were thrown by Democrats after the “sir” moment pretty much told us how Earle-Sears’ apology would go over with her rabid critics.

In other words, why bother when you know it’s not going to be accepted and when you know that your political opponents are going to keep stirring the pot because they love to play the victim?

In Earle-Sears’ case, though some said there was nothing she had to apologize for, my thought is that she did it because she’s a class act and in the interest of trying to restore order so they could get back to work which is, you know, what mature adults do – especially when children are acting out. 

But there is some merit to the argument that if you’re apologizing just to quiet down the mobs you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and probably shouldn’t. 

All of that said, while we’re on the topic of apologies, I demand that Virginia Democrats apologize to the Commonwealth for foisting this guy on unsuspecting Virginians for a full term:

I mean, seriously. If any apologies are in order here, it’s definitely for having to tolerate that clown for four years.

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