Exposed: Public Info Reveals New York AG Letitia James Lives High on the Public Hog

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New York Attorney General Letitia James, she of the smug tweets regarding the recent ridiculous court decision in her state against former President Donald Trump, has wholeheartedly embraced the outstanding Democratic tradition of turning a six-figure salary into an eight-figure lifestyle. This information comes courtesy of X (formerly Twitter) user Mel (@Villgecrazylady), who uses publicly available information to expose James’ lascivious lifestyle.

Mel notes that legally, James has kept her nose relatively clean, with only an incident in the 2010s, when she failed to record on her public financial disclosure forms a Brooklyn brownstone she owns and rents out. That duly noted, when it comes to spending public and campaign funds on items that seem rather spurious in terms of her job duties, regardless of what her music tastes may be, James has clearly adopted Steve Winwood as the author of her theme song.

In 2023, James spent over $15K on stays at luxury hotels … in Puerto Rico. Exactly how this expenditure entails the job duties of New York’s Attorney General is a mystery, although the reason for it somehow involving a continued investigation of the Jets-Sharks rumble in the early 1960s presents itself.

In her five years as Attorney General, James has racked up over $84K in airfare expenditures, including private plane rentals. While the security lines at LaGuardia can doubtless be a hassle, this does seem a touch excessive for a state Attorney General.

A girl’s gotta eat, and James is no exception.

Perhaps the steakhouse dinner was part of her Trump investigation.

Mel’s digging unearths more curious expenditure skeletons. Over $7K spent at a New York nightclub written off as “office.” What, there weren’t cheaper locations available? Even if not, a New York nightclub hardly seems like a proper setting for business of a sober and legal nature. Or sobriety and legality, period.

There is also the over $300K spent on “campaign consultants,” the year after James’ winning reelection in 2022. Either James was seeking an after-the-fact answer as to why her 2022 victory margin was 18 percent lower than she enjoyed in 2018, or the money spent had as much to do with campaigning as blowing over $7K at a nightclub had to do with office expenditures.

The list goes on; Mel has done a superb job of detailing James’ frivolous financial foibles. This “rules for thee, not for me” mindset is unsurprising. As Bob Hoge recently noted regarding James:

The power-hungry partisan has also been threatening to seize Trump’s assets if he doesn’t pay up immediately.

Ask yourself, is this how a law enforcement official is supposed to behave? Are state prosecutors supposed to be openly partisan, vindicative toward political opponents, and unapologetically devoted to crushing their ideological adversaries?

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The answer is, of course, no. However, being a hypocritical pseudo-public servant while lining your stomach and lifestyle at campaign donors’ and public expense is, by appearances, quite acceptable.

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