Ducati Scam In India: YouTuber Explains How He Got Cheated Of Rs 30 Lakh [Video]

We all came across the reports about an employee at Ducati Bengaluru dealership scamming customers. The person had actually resigned from his job and absconded with Rs 5 crore that belongs to the customers. We have come across several reports about this particular scam. Here we have a video where a customer and a social media influencer who had booked a Ducati share their experience and explain how they got scammed.

The video has been shared by Ducaman’s Garage on their YouTube channel. As the name suggests, the presenter in this video is a hardcore fan of Ducati bikes and he had owned a couple of them in the past. Almost a year and a half ago, he decided to buy a Ducati Panigale V4. He did a lot of research and even looked for used examples; however, he decided to go for a brand new motorcycle in November 2022.

The influencer’s name is Joe, and when he was looking for a brand new bike, he got in touch with the Ducati dealership in Bangalore. They offered him a bike that was manufactured a year ago. They told him that the bike is registered in Arunachal Pradesh and is a brand new motorcycle with 0 Km.

The dealership also told him that they’ll get the ownership transferred in 5-6 weeks. The customer agreed to it and made the payment. However, after 5-6 weeks, he was not getting any updates from the dealership. Rakesh, who was handling the operation, told him that the ownership transfer was taking more time than usual and he himself had flown to Arunachal Pradesh a couple of times to get this issue resolved.

Even after 3-4 months, he didn’t get any response, and Rakesh contacted him and apologized to the customer. He told him that the transfer was not happening. As the customer had to wait for so long, he gave him an offer to upgrade to the V4S, which is way more expensive. He told him that the bikes have some manufacturing defects and the company has acknowledged it, and they’ll soon be sending parts for the same.

Ducati scam

The customer made the payment for the difference amount and started waiting for the bike. They told him that the bikes would be repaired, and the customer would be getting 4 years warranty on the bike. It is going to be a brand new bike. In March, he along with his friends went to the Ducati dealership in Bengaluru and took delivery of the bike.

After the delivery, Rakesh told them to leave the bike at the dealership as they needed a couple of days to get it registered. Weeks passed, and there was no sign of his bike. When contacted, Rakesh told him that there was some issue with the invoice, and they are getting it corrected. Finally, after a month, they got the bike registered, and when the customer went to take the delivery, he found that the bike was damaged.

Rakesh told him that the bike was not starting as the battery had discharged. They had plugged the bike’s battery into a charger, and it had some short circuit at night due to a thunderstorm. The customer was a bit too surprised by this excuse. The wiring, batteries, and many other parts had been damaged.

Once again, Rakesh called Joe and told him that this was an issue from their side, and they are willing to give him a new bike. The customer once again agreed. This time the bike was delivered to Joe’s friend’s place in Bangalore. They picked up the bike, and a few days after this, Rakesh called him and asked him to return the bike as they need it for registration purposes.

This happened, and the bike was taken away on a truck. For the next couple of weeks, Rakesh gave several excuses to Joe for delaying the registration. One day, he came to know that Rakesh had resigned from his position. Joe called Rakesh to confirm the same, and he came to know that he was leaving due to family reasons. Even then, Rakesh assured that he is going to get his bike delivered before his last day at work.

Several days passed by, and there was no sign of his bike. Joe then asked one of his friends to visit the dealership to check the status, and that is when they realized that Rakesh was scamming not just him, but around 30 customers. Rakesh sold a single bike to multiple customers and never got it registered. The customers made payments but never received the bike. Joe mentions that he had blindly trusted the brand, and he never thought he would get such an experience from a Ducati authorized dealership.

He even sent a legal notice to Ducati India and the dealership. Ducati India initially promised to get this issue resolved, but now they are telling the customer that the dealership in Bengaluru was not an authorized dealership and they are not responsible for the scam. The dealership is actually putting the blame on the customer and is telling that Joe, alongside Rakesh, had planned and executed this scam. The ex-employee of the Ducati dealership was arrested, but it looks like they are yet to get this issue resolved.

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