Drunk woman in Kia Sonet seen slapping and abusing police officers: Arrested [Video]

Drunk driving is one of the most severe offenses a person can commit in India or any part of the world, for that matter. However, what is an even worse crime is beating a police officer while being drunk after getting caught for drunk driving. Recently, a woman from Gujarat did exactly this and created a whole scene in front of a number of police officers and the public. The entire video of this ordeal was shared online, and the woman was seen harassing both the male and the female police officers on duty.

The videos of the woman creating a ruckus on the roads of Vadodara, Gujarat, have been shared on X by a number of users. In the multiple videos shared on the social media platform, the woman can be seen shouting, blurting out curses, and slapping and harassing police officers, and even resisting arrest.

This incident has become viral on X (formerly Twitter) as it highlights an even bigger problem. This problem is that in Gujarat, alcohol is banned, but still, this woman was extremely drunk and was doing all of the above-mentioned atrocities.

Now coming to the main incident that happened in Vadodara: The woman in the video was stopped during routine checking near Gotri Gokul Nagar in Vadodara, Gujarat. This routine checking is being done in Gujarat as recently, a horrific crash that claimed the lives of many people on the ISKCON bridge in Ahmedabad took place. After stopping the car, it was found that the woman driving a black Kia Sonet sub-compact SUV was extremely drunk and was not cooperating with the police officers on duty.

A female police officer, after stopping the car and understanding the woman’s intoxication, asked her to step out of her car. However, the woman denied and instead started recording a video of the police officers on the road on her mobile phone. At this point, the female officer took her phone from her hand. After this action, the drunk woman started screaming on the road. She also started to tackle the police officer who took her phone and tried to regain it.

In the meantime, the female officer who had her phone passed it to a male officer. The woman then started abusing the male officer and tried to take her phone from him. After struggling and scuffling with the officers, the woman finally retrieved her phone. However, after getting it back, she started showing offensive and abusive gestures to the officers on duty. This further sparked a tussle between the two sides.

Following this intense situation on the road at night, the woman was finally apprehended and was booked for her offenses. In one of the videos, the woman was shown getting seated in a police van by two female officers. However, she kept talking and abusing, and it was at this time that one of the female officers slapped her. In return, the woman started resisting and in the process slapped the other female officer.

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