Drunk Uncle In Innova Stops, Abuses Kawasaki Ninja Superbike Rider [Video]

Road rage incidents in India have increased lately. We have seen several cases of people getting involved in road rage, and in some cases, people have gotten hurt as well. Here we have one such incident from Indore where a drunk uncle in a Toyota Innova Crysta stopped a superbike rider and abused him. The whole incident got recorded on video, and here is what actually happened.

The video has been shared by Divya Gandotra Tandon on her Twitter profile. The video shows a Kawasaki Ninja biker riding on the roads of Indore. The video was recorded by a camera mounted on the right side ORVM. The incident happened at night. The rider was peacefully riding the bike when a Toyota Innova Crysta suddenly started honking in an aggressive manner.

The road was not too wide, and the biker took his time before giving way to the car driver. The person driving the MPV probably got provoked by this, and he decided to block the way of the biker, making him pull over. The biker had no clue what was happening. He patiently waited on his bike. The uncle driving the car got out, and he looked furious.

The car driver then started talking about the way the biker overtook the car in a reckless manner. The biker told the uncle that he had no other choice but to overtake the car as he was getting squeezed on the left-hand side. He pointed out that the car driver was not considerate about the biker and the driver should have checked the ORVM before swerving to the left.


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The uncle was not in a mood to listen and almost immediately he started abusing the biker. The family in the car also got out but remained silent. The car driver threatened to call the cops and spoke as if he had influence in the force. He even tried to take off the rider’s helmet, which the rider stopped.

The video ends with the uncle showering abuses on the biker. The video was first shared on Instagram and then on Twitter. The person who posted the original content then posted a comment saying that after some time, the wife of the uncle came to the biker and spoke nicely. She behaved well and told that the uncle was drunk.

Uncle abuses superbiker

While he threatened to call the cops, it doesn’t look like he actually did anything like this. One good thing in this video is that the biker remained calm. He did not choose violence or aggression to counter the drunk guy. He didn’t even report the incident as he thought it was no use.

After the video was posted on Twitter, many people pulled out info related to the person and also the vehicle and have tagged Madhya Pradesh police. They have asked concerned authorities to take action against the uncle for reckless driving under the influence of alcohol and also for road rage. The post mentions that the uncle driving the car was actually a cop, but there is no confirmation related to the same. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, never engage with the other party as it would make things worse. Always try to avoid confrontation, and if you feel threatened, call the cops for help.

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