Cornel West's Disgusting Post Celebrating Aaron Bushnell's Suicide Is a Look at the State of the Left

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The issues with the suicide of Aaron Bushnell are many. He was clearly a mentally ill man who was obsessed with radical leftist causes to the point where he was willing to commit suicide by burning himself alive while shouting “Free Palestine.” 

But it doesn’t stop there. As Streiff pointed out on Tuesday, Bushnell was a USAF active duty member with the 531st Intelligence Support Squadron, a 543d Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group subordinate unit. This means he had top security clearance. A man with that level of hatred for his country and that level of loyalty to its enemies should have never been around any kind of top-secret information, yet this is the state of the U.S. military. 

Leftist radicalism inside the U.S. military isn’t something you’d think much about but it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s an infection within it. Moreover, members of the left seem to be encouraging this politically-driven mental illness to thrive. 

Cornel West, an activist turned Independent presidential candidate, released what might be one of the most disgusting posts on X I’ve seen this year. West celebrated Bushnell’s actions, painted his suicide as a martyrdom, and is using it to encourage the left to rally around the cause of “Palestine.” 

“Let us never forget the extraordinary courage and commitment of brother Aaron Bushnell who died for truth and justice! I pray for his precious loved ones! Let us rededicate ourselves to genuine solidarity with Palestinians undergoing genocidal attacks in real time!” posted West.

The number of problems with this post is many. 

For one, Bushnell was not mentally well. As Streiff covered in his article, Bushnell was obsessed with radical leftism and would write screeds on radical leftist subreddits about his hatred of everything that didn’t fit into his extreme ideological stances. West encouraging an embrace of his stances is effectively calling for an embrace of his same illness and obsessive brainwashing. What West is effectively calling for is a submission to mental illness. 

Secondly, what is West trying to say here? That suicide for this cause is good? Bushnell’s self-immolation isn’t just a waste of life, it’s a waste of life based on a lie. The “Palestinians” in question aren’t under the threat of genocide by the Israelis. The Israelis do what they can to minimize civilian casualties in what is a war to prevent the genocide of the Israeli people by a terrorist group that openly confesses to wanting that. 

Is West so committed to the cause that he’s willing to off himself for it? I doubt it. Why is he encouraging people to have that level of dedication then? 

This leads me to my third point. West is actively encouraging people to support terrorism. It’s not Palestine he cares about, it’s the fight against Israel, which is ultimately what many leftists care about. “Palestine” is just a cover for what it really wants, the death of the Jewish population in a free country. What it ultimately wants is for Hamas, a self-professed genocidal terrorist organization, to win, or at the very least, live to terrorize Israel another day. 

Overall, what we have here is the state of the left. 

It looks at ridiculous behavior, terrorism, being brainwashed into radicalism, and suicide as heroism. It encourages radical behaviors that harm innocents and encourages hate-based actions. It wants people consumed with so many negative emotions, spite, and prejudices that the person under the spell will toss their own life away both figuratively and very literally to advance the cause in any way they can.

West’s post has nearly 30k likes. That is 30k more than it should have gotten considering all this post is calling for, but here is the left on full display. 

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