Chose Maruti Jimny Over Mahindra Thar: Famous Food Vlogger Kripal Amanna Explains Why [Video]

The lifestyle off-roader Jimny from Maruti Suzuki may not be the best-selling car that the company makes. However, it is one of the best SUVs that the automaker has to offer in the country. Recently, the popular Bengaluru food blogger Kripal Amanna bought himself a brand-new Maruti Suzuki Jimny, and now he has shared the reasons why he bought it. The food blogger has revealed all the reasons why he chose the Jimny over the more popular Mahindra Thar.

The video of Kripal Amanna sharing the reasons for choosing the Maruti Suzuki Jimny over Mahindra Thar has been shared by him on his YouTube channel. He starts off the video by introducing his new SUV and giving a background about his purchase. Amanna stated that he currently owns a Toyota Innova Crysta and wanted to get a 4X4 SUV for adventures. He added that he first thought of buying an adventure bike; however, he stated that he already has a bike so he went ahead with the Jimny.

Reasons behind the Jimny purchase

Following this, he then mentions that before finalizing the Jimny, he shortlisted the Mahindra Thar, Force Gurkha, and the Maruti Jimny. He then states that as the Force Gurkha is a very niche car and it is very big in size, he did not consider it. After this, the two remaining choices were Jimny and Thar. He then mentions that there were few main reasons behind opting for the Jimny, and one of those was the size. He states that he did not want a car that was too big in size.

Kripal Amanna jimny vlog

Amanna adds that the Jimny was the perfectly sized car for him, and although it may look small from outside, it is still a lot bigger from the inside. Another reason was the accessibility of the rear seats. Amanna stated that the rear seats of the Jimny, because of the rear doors, are easily accessible and are decently sized where two adults can sit comfortably. Also, the Jimny gets a dedicated boot space which the Thar does not get.

Kripal Amanna Jimny reasons

Next up, the presenter talks about the ride comfort of the Jimny vs. Thar. He states that the Jimny is a lot more comfortable to drive and offers a very refined ride quality, whereas the Thar’s ride quality is very bumpy. He then talks about the power specifications of the Jimny, which he admits are less than the Thar; however, he adds that he was not looking for a more powerful car. Also, Amanna mentions that the Jimny has a very refined exterior design which is also iconic, and he likes cars that are a little understated.

Kripal Amanna Jimny

Following this, he then talks about the build quality of the vehicle. He adds that the build of the Jimny is better than a lot of other Maruti Suzuki products, and it has a solid thud which a lot of Maruti Suzuki cars in India miss out on. He then mentions that he wanted a petrol engine 4X4 which was also efficient, and the Jimny ticked this box as well. Amanna stated that currently the car is providing a mileage of around 9 kmpl; however, he stated that he has been told that the car after a few services will offer around 13 kmpl, which is decent considering that it is a 4X4 vehicle.

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